Proverbs of Squash, Match 8, by david jarvis 2022.

Proverbs of Squash : Match 8 by David Jarvis 2022.

Is not shot selection calling out?

Is not efficiency raising its voice?

Play up high and/or along the wall,

we take our position on the T.

Across the mid court,

In the front court,

Shot selection keeps crying out loudly:

To you, O athletes, I am calling;

I raise my voice to all athletes.

You inexperienced ones, learn efficiency;

You stupid ones, acquire simplicity.

Listen, for shot selection is valuable,

My choices are about easy victory;

For my shots are accurately directed,

and my training is for optimality.

All the sayings of squash are righteous.

None of them are impossible to achieve.

They are all simple and straight forward

to those trained correctly

and reasonable quality for those who

practice purposefully.

Be disciplined instead of overtrained in second rate methods,

Use knowledge rather than repetitive out dated drills,

for optimal training is better than unconscious bludgeoning;

Do you desire victory and longevity?

I, shot selection, dwell on court with optimal fitness;

I have founded high performance ways.

The fear of poor performance means hating bad training.

I hate self exaltation and prideful closed minds with undermining speech.

I possess reasoned advice and practical patterns;

Understanding and power are yours, when you train for them.

By me athletes play for life,

and officials cannot find fault.

By me administrators keep promoting,

and champions contribute their own righteous methods.

I love those loving me,

And those seeking good shots will find good shot selection.

High performance and longevity are with me,

lasting health and optimality abound.

My fruitage is better than carbon fibre,

more refined than woven kevlar,

and what I produce is better than the finest polymers.

I move in the path of optimality,

In reasonable quality above the tin;

I make rallying easy for those who love me,

and hard for those who scorn me.

Squash produced me as the beginning of a way,

the earliest of achievement so very long ago.

From inception in urban environments,

from off the grassed and netted courts,

When there was no depth of hitting, I was brought forth,

When there was no shortness of play, I was brought forth,

before the lobs were played heavenly high,

before the cross courts went wonderfully wide,

when squash had not yet been formalised,

or the courts marked with red lines.

When squash had not yet been codified
or the first clubs incorporated.

When squash was prepared in the heavens,
shot selection was there;

When the short line was marked, and the outline created,

when the service box was drawn,

when the half court was divided,

Shot selection was already part of masterful squash.

I was the one the Athlete was especially fond of in every rally;

We rejoiced as we ran the opponents ragged,

and we are especially fond of humane athletes.

And now, my athletes, listen to me;

Yes, happy are those whom select optimal shots.

Listen to discipline and become optimal,

and always choose wisely.

Content is the athlete who performs selectively

by coming early to the courts day by day,

by waiting for their winning opportunities;

for the one finding me will find quality,

and receives approval from Squash communities.

But the one who overhits the ball wildly,

harms themselves,

and those who select poorly, love to loose.

by david jarvis winter day 19, 2022, copyright, all rights reserved.


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