Sayings of Sport : Volatile French, by david jarvis 2022.

Sayings of Sport : Volatile French by David Jarvis 2022.

Judge an athlete by their questions rather than by their answers.

An athlete is worth something only when they have discovered a point of view.

If you need to explain the joke, the joke is not for that audience.

Competing can be ugly, we must remember to train gracefully.

Those who facilitate you training incompetently will limit your athletic improvement.

The more I train, the more I become, and the more certain I am that I love flow.

The comfort of the sport administrators depends upon an abundant supply of poor athletes.

To share a training partners weaknesses to the opposition is a betrayal. To give out your own is unwise.

May my coach defend me from my friends, I can defend myself from my opponents.

Love hitting it in, but forgive hitting it out.

I have made only one request of sport, a very short one, Oh sport, let me perform at my best today.

I don’t know how many victories are ahead, but I’m training towards them.

The Ball is a jester whom wishes for centre stage.

Pliable athletes have a habit of believing everything shared by a champion is admirable. For the coaches part we need only accept what suits our athletes immediate aims.

Every athlete is guilty of all the shots that did not go in.

Dare to train by yourself.

Despite the enormous quantity of quality advice available, how few people seek it out! If an athlete studies profitably one would realise how much inept advice the incompetent are willing to believe every day.

The most important component of high performance is consistent optimal arousal.

High performance requires some discomfort, but not too much or your comfortable confidence is not optimal.

Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

The secret of being a know it all is to tell too much, too often.

The secret of a great coach is to plant the seed and let the athlete water it.

Cherish those athletes whom seek high performance but beware of those whom achieve it.

It is better to risk being guilty of failing than to never even try.

Train your way and let others enjoy the privilege of doing so too.

Confidence consists in believing in your rational training program.

Appreciation of others excellent qualities helps us to embrace improvement.

Every athlete is a creature of the generation in which they live and few are able to transcend the limitations of the time.

The well worn pathway is so well made that those whom walk on it always throw stones at those revealing new pathways.

The human brain is a complex organ with plasticity that many are unaware of.

Prejudgement of the opponent is what inept fools use for analysis.

We expect to keep on living.

Don’t think about the prize money, or you’ll be less likely to win the prize.

Do think about your performance in training, conscious performance is purposeful.

The art of coaching consists of relaxing the athlete so they learn the quickest.

Children learn fastest because they excell at playing.

Perfect is the friend of paralysis.

The more success we train for, the greater the successes we achieve.

There are infinite angles on a squash court.

Training optimally preserves us from three great evils – overtraining injuries, illicit substances, and incompetence.

It is with training programs as with high performers – quality improvement is optimal.

One day I’ll be the athlete I hope to be. Thus today I am training towards that goal.

The happiest athlete is optimally busy with solo training.

There is an optimum amount of repeats for any training component.

Behind every sucessful athlete sits a surprised sports administrator.

To succeed in sport one must be both fool and genuis, and polite too.

I would rather pay for and obey an established high performance coaches suggestions than two hundred club players’ free advise.

If the opposition says “no”, it means “maybe”, if they say “maybe” it means “yes”, if they say “yes” they are not the opposition.

The opponent whom talks the most is hiding a lack of confidence.

An athletes time on social media should be strictly limited.

Quality athletes keep quality records.

It is hard to free old masters from the ways they revere.

Opinions of lesser athletes should be filtered.

Each athlete should accept the officials decisions during competition, but providing feedback after the match can be appropriate.

Learning for oneself is easiest, learning from others is achievable, teaching others hardest of all.

If the athlete says something stupid – that is what will be remembered mostly.

The strength of the opponent lies in the weakness of yourself.

An athlete must have dreams to inspire meaning in their training goals.

The wealth of sport administrators depends upon an abundant supply of poor athletes.

Behind every successful athlete sits a surprised sports administrator.

The athlete feels the gains, the coach measures the athletic gains, the sports administrator gains the wealth.

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