Couples Jokers by david jarvis 2022.

A couple are having a discussion about the shopping list, and the emotional one says,

“We can’t afford to buy the almond milk you’ve put on the shopping list.”

The rational one says,

“Here’s the extra $4 we need for the two litres of almond milk.” – handing over the cash.

The emotional one throws the $4 of coins onto the floor stating,

“You’re not listening to me, we cannot afford the almond milk!”

The rational one hands over another $4,

“We certainly can afford the almond milk, you’ve got an extra $8 for it now, please add the almond milk to the shopping list.”

The emotional one grabs the additional $4 and throws that on the ground also,

“Don’t you be pedantic with me! We just cannot afford the almond milk and no amount of money is going to change that!”

“I will be pedantic, because pedantic means academically correct, thus it is academically correct that with that additional $8 i’ve just handed over we can indeed afford the two litres of almond milk I requested.”

“You’re not listening to ME! WE CANNOT AFFORD THE ALMOND MILK!”

The rational one pauses, takes a long deep breath and states,

“Can you please envisage any situation in which I can have the two litres of almond milk this week?”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You are so confusing.”

Later the following day the rational one looks in the cupboard and finds ONE litre of almond milk.

“What the naff? I want my $6 back, i paid for two litres of almond milk and gave you $8, and since each litre is $2, I want my $6 back.”

“See, you never listen to me, I already told you we cannot afford the almond milk. Don’t talk to me, you’re so rude.”

[sighing] “Ok, i’m going fishing.”

“You’re always going fishing, that’s the reason why we never have enough money for extras you want in the shopping. If you worked harder instead of fishing all the time, we’d have more money.”

Gone Fishing, image by david jarvis 2022.

copyright 2022, david jarvis all rights reserved.


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