Lost and found, by david jarvis 17 july 2022.

a moments peace is all i wanted

a brief time of quiet amidst the noise

to breath in deeply and feel calm

to breath out loosely and feel no drama

to let go that which is tightly wound

in me, deep inside,

i don’t know why i cried just now

i care too much to not care at all

now that we exist in this world fallen

broken things, worn out and old

nothing left to sell

no water in my well

no breath in my lungs,

no tears in my eyes,

i’ve gone so dry these days

dry and parched, like walking

in the desert sun.

forty days? forty nights?

been there done that,

that was a story about a stroll

try forty years, try fifty,

keep going son,

your time in the sun is here and now

the field has been ploughed,

the seeds planted,

i’ll do the watering from now on son,

you can stop crying,

salting the earth now lad,

everything else was just a fad,

a passing thing and long gone too,

it’s your time in the sun now son,

look up child, i’m your dad.

by daj.

Brian Donald Jarvis, rest in peace dad.

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