Proverbs of Squash : Match 10, by david jarvis 2022.

A proverb of Solo squash.

A wise athlete makes their coach


But a foolish athlete is the grief of their


The trophies gained by cheating

will be of no benefit,

But cleanliness is what rescues

from death.

Administrators will not cause the righteous

one to remain victoryless,

but will deny the wicked what

they crave.

Idle focus will cause poverty,

But diligent training brings riches.

The athlete acting with insight gathers the

techniques during off season,

But the athlete partying in off season

is asleep during the finals.

Blessings are on the crown of the

purposeful one,

But the inaccuracy of records

conceals inadequacy of training.

The memory of a diligent one is

trained purposefully,

But the name of the lazy will

be forgotten.

The wisehearted athlete will accept


But the one trash talking will

step in their own excrement.

The one moving in integrity will move

in security,

But the one cheating

will be found out.

The one who lies sinks to

causing grief,

And the one who speaks foolishly

will peak inappropriately.

The sayings of the righteous ones are a

source of living,

But the speech of the wicked

lead astray.

Hatred of others is destructive,

But love covers over all


Wisdom is found on the lips of the

educated and experienced coach,

But suspension is for the athlete caught

cheating or abusing.

Those who are wise absorb knowledge,

But the foolish sprout ruined weeds everywhere.

The wealth of a rich athlete is their temple.

The ruin of the poor athlete is their temple too.

The activity of the righteous leads

to quality performance;

But the free time of the lazy

leads to sin.

The one who heeds discipline is on pathway

to high performance,

But the one who ignores reproof

leads others astray.

The one who conceals their hatred

speaks lies,

And the one gossiping maliciously is stupid.

When words are many, transgression

cannot easily be avoided,

But whoever controls their lips acts


The wisdom of the righteous coach is like

the finest silver,

But the information of the incompetent is

worth little.

The processes of the veteran coach

nourish many,

But the foolish are static from lack of sense.

It is the blessings of purposeful practice that

makes one optimally fit,

And adds no pain with it.

Shameful conduct within your sport is stupid,

A wise attitude is for the discerning athlete.

What the fool fears will come upon them;

But the desire of the wise will be granted.

When the storm passes by, the foolish

one will be no more,

But the wise one is a

foundation forever.

Like tobacco stains upon teeth and smoke

in the eyes,

So the lazy participant is to the coach training them.

The fear of medocrity prolongs life,

But the years of the foolish will be

cut short.

The expectation of the righteous athlete

brings joy,

But the hope of the wicked participant will


The way of purposeful practice is a stronghold

for the blameless one,

But it means ruin for lazy fools.

The righteous one will never be made

to fall,

But the wicked will no longer

inhabit our courts.

The racket of the righteous athlete

produces reasonable quality,

But the cheating arm will be cut


The spirit of sport knows

what is life pleasing,

and that the cheater is perverse.

by David Jarvis august 2022.

proverbs of squash : match 10 by david jarvis august 2022.

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