Proverbs of Squash, Tournament 11, by david jarvis 2022.

Dishonest athletes are

detestable to squash,

but an accurate player

brings pleasure to spectators.

When over anticipation comes,

some will go the wrong way,

but balance is with the alert


The observation of the astute is

what guides them,

but the deception of the

shotmaker will destroy


Equipment will be of no benefit on

the day of injury,

but optimal physique is what will

reduce injury durations.

The accuracy of the

consistent player makes their path


But the inconsistent one will fall

because of their own


The righteousness of the optimally

trained will rescue them,

but the foolish will be

caught by their own

lack of focus.

When a medicore player loses, their hope


And expectations based on their

potential also fade.

The focused one overcomes all


and the distracted one becomes


By their mouth the sledger brings

their community to ruin,

but by knowledge the

active gets the job done.

The goodness of the performer

makes their team rejoice,

and when bad sports loose,

there is a joyful cry.

Because of the blessing of the

optimally trained, a team is exalted,

but the mouth of the naysayer

tears teams apart.

Whoever is lacking sportsmanship

shows contempt for their


but the athlete of true

resolve remains


An untrustworthy training partner reveals

confidential routines,

but the trustworthy one

keeps a confidence.

When there is no educated

direction, the team falls,

but there is success through

quality advisors.

Whoever loans equipment to a

stranger is likely to loose it,

but whoever avoids over giving

will remain comfortable with


A gracious victor acquires


but the ruthless athlete seizes riches.

A kind coach benefits themself,

But the cruel coach brings

stress upon themselves and their athletes.

The wicked one earns deceptive


but the one who trains

righteously receives a

true reward.

The athlete standing firmly for

sportsmanship is in line for life,

but the one chasing after status is

in line for a fall.

Those crooked at heart are

detestable to squash,

but those whose way is

truthful bring pleasure to

their community.

Be assured of this: An unsportsmanlike

person will not go unpunished,

and fair athletes

will perform well.

Like a push in the back by the


is an athlete whom

rejects quality advise.

The desire of the diligent leads

to optimal training,

but what the inconsistent hope for

leads to fury.

Athletes give generously and ends

up with more;

Another withholds what should

be given, thus they come to


The generous coach will


and whichever coach refreshes

others will themselves be


The club will curse the coach who

withholds service,

but they will bless the one who

provides it.

The athlete who diligently seeks to

do good seeks favour,

but the one bad mouthing –

that is what will surely return

upon them.

The athlete training in their strengths only will


but the optimal will improve

their weaknesses frequently.

Anyone who brings disgrace on

their team mates will inherit the


and the fool will be a servant

to the wisehearted ones.

The fruitage of the righteous athlete

is a tree of life,

and the one who lives the spirit of their sport

is wise.

If, indeed, the righteous athlete on

earth is rewarded,

How much more the cheating

athlete and their team are not!

by David Jarvis, 13th August 2022, copyright.

Proverbs of Squash Tournament 11 audio by David jarvis 2022.

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