Proverbs of Squash, 12-12 tiebreaker, by David Jarvis 2022.

The one who loves discipline loves training,
but the one who hates correction is mediocre.
The good team mate obtains their captains approval,
but the team condemns athletes with wicked schemes.
No team is made secure by unsportman like behaviour,
but the righteous athletes are never uprooted.
A capable anxillary staff is contributive to the team,
but the staff who acts shamefully sours the teams spirit.
The thoughts of the righteous are just,
but the guidance of the immoral is deceptive.
The words of the immoral are a deadly ambush,
but the truth of the honest saves them.
When the immoral are overthrown, they vanish forever more,
But the club of the righteous continues shining.
An athlete is praised for the discretion of their speeches,
But any with a twisted heart will be contemptuous.
Better to have achievable goals and attain them
than to dream massively and not implement plans.
The intelligent athlete takes care of their equipment,
but a poor athlete blames their tools.
The one who cultivates their physique will be satisfied with high performance,
but the one partying unrestrained is hindering themselves.
The resentful athlete envies the victories of their betters,
but the optimally trained seeks to emulate the fruitage of the greats.
The incompetent is ensnared by their own hate speech,
but the dignified one avoids distress.
From the fruitage of ones sayings, an athlete builds optimal mindset,
and the work of their body will reward them.
The way of the fool is a fixed mindset,
but the wise one develops a growth mindset.
A fool immediately shows their annoyance,
but the shrewd athlete overlooks an insult.
The one who testifies faithfully always tells truth,
but a false witness speaks deceit.
Thoughtless advise is abrupt and rude,
but the suggestions of the wise are soothing and contributive.
Truthful sayings endure and grow forever,
but a lie withers and sours motivation.
Deceit and hatred is the way of the hazer,
but those who promote peace make friends.
Comfort comes to the righteous ones,
But the wicked are filled with calamities.
Lying lips are detestable to athletic teams,
But those acting fairly bring pleasure to their supporters.
A shrewd athlete conceals some things appropriately,
but the foolish athlete blurts out muchly.
Diligent athletes will rise in rankings,
but slack athletes become casual participants.
Anxiety in an athletes heart weighs it down,
but a good word cheers it up.
The optimal athlete searches for superior training,
but the course of the incompetent leads them to stagnation.
The lazy do not chase the ball,
but diligence is an athletes most precious resource.
The path of optimal development leads to competence;
Along its pathway every training session finishes with success.

2022 copyright David Jarvis.

proverbs of squash 12-12 tiebreaker audiofile by david jarvis 2022

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