Proverbs of Sport, kilometre 13, by david jarvis 2022.

A wise athlete accepts their coaches discipline,
but the scoffer does not listen to a rebuke.
After the fruitage of effort an athlete will eat nutritiously,
but the desire of the incompetent is for gluttony.
The one guarding their mouth protects their health,
but the one purging will come to ruin.
The lazy human has cravings, yet they have nothing,
But the diligent ones will be fully satisfied.
The righteous ones hate misinformation,
but the actions of criminals brings shame and disgrace.
Righteousness aims to communicate effectively,
but arrogance conceals meaning through dissembling.
Some pretend to be rich, yet have little;
Others pretend to be poor, yet have great health.
Material riches can be stolen or lost,
but ones health is sacred.
The eyes of the righteous shine with clarity,
yet the eyes of the wicked are in shadow.
Prejudgement leads towards strife,
and wisdom belongs to those who seek quality advice.
Wealth quickly gained will dwindle,
But health of oneself comes through incremental gains.
Expectation postponed makes relationships sick,
but desires realised become tree’s of plenty.
Whoever despises instruction will pay a penalty,
but the one who respects authority will become an authority.
The teaching of the wise is a source of life
turning ourselves away from the snares of folly.
Calm and keen insight wins favour,
whilst the way of the treacherous is harsh.
The shrewd person acts with knowledge,
yet the fool exposes their own foolishness.
A lying messenger creates trouble,
and a faithful representative develops relationships.
Whoever is ill disciplined comes to disgrace and sickness,
Those who accept correction will be glorified.
Goals when gained are sweet to an athlete,
but the stupid do not even set smarter goals.
The one moving with the wise will become wise,
but the one acting stupidly will pay a heavy fine.
Calamity pursues the unrestrained,
and the careful are rewarded with prosperity.
An athlete plans for retirement from competition,
but the unfocused has no such plans.
The efforts of the poor yields quality gains,
which may be swept away by accidental injury.
Whoever holds back some energy,
Can sprint at the competitions climax.
The optimally trained eats to satisfy their appetite,
but the stomach of the loser is eternally empty.
by david jarvis august 2022.

proverbs of sport kilometre 13 by david jarvis 2022

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