Proverbs of Squash, 14th Pennant by David Jarvis 2022.

The truly wise nutritionist builds up her

But the foolish one cooks junk food
with her own hands.

The one hitting the ball up
fears the Tin,

But the one who is tired
misses too many shots.

A swearing player deserves a
conduct penalty,

But the lips of the wise will
protect them.
Where there are no sweaty clothes the bag
is clean,

But the odour of staleness yields an
abundance of bacteria.
A faithful coach will not lie,
But a false opponent lies with every

The scoffer seeks wisdom and finds

But improvement comes easily to the
athlete training with understanding.

Stay away from the excessive swing,
For you may get hit on the lips
during the follow through.
By ghosting the shrewd athlete
trains their movement around the court,
But the lazy are lacking in
their court speed.
Fools make fun of remorsefulness,
But among the greats, there is a
willingness to reconcile.
The athlete knows their own
And no outsider can share in their

The temple of the wicked will be
But the temple of the upright will
There is a way that seems right to an
uneducated athlete,
But in the end it leads to stagnation.
Even in victory the heart may feel
And partying may end in hangover.

The one missing training will reap
the results of their ways,
but the diligent athlete reaps the
rewards of their efforts.
The naive sportsperson believes every
But the shrewd one ponders every
The wise athlete is cautious and turns
away from evil,
But the stupid one is reckless
and overconfident.
The athlete who is quick to anger competes
But the referee who thinks things
out is hated.
The uneducated will inherit foolishness,
but the shrewd are crowned with
high performance.
Bad players will have to stand lower
than their superiors,
and cheaters will not pass the
courts’ entrance righteously.
The unfit athlete is disliked even by their
But many are the allies of the
optimally trained.
The one who despises their opposition
But whoever competes fairly with
the lower ranked shares happiness.
Will not those who plot cheating go

But those intent on competing legally
will receive loyalty and

There is benefit in every kind of optimal
work, including recovery!

But mere talk leads to nothing.
The physique of the athlete is their
But the poorest athlete is foolishly unfit.
A true athlete knows first aid,
but an incompetent one does not.

There is strong confidence in the
fear of the Tin,
And rallying is a refuge for calming
opening game jitters.
The fear of the Tin is motivation for
reasonable quality,
To turn one away from rallies lost by
not up, double or out.

A multitude of people are a clubs’
but a court without participants is
empty indeed.
The athlete who is slow to anger has
energy left for discernment,
but the impatient one displays their
A calm heart gives life to the athlete,
but arousal must be optimal for
high performance.
The administrator who defrauds their players
insults Our Sport,
But whoever shows compassion to
lowly athletes glorifies Their Sport.
The cheater will be brought down
by their own incompetence,
But the natural one will discover
peace and high performance is longevity.
Wisdom rests quietly in the heart of
an understanding person,
But to the inept, wisdom must
be elaborated upon in detail.
Righteousness exalts a club,
but illegality is disgraceful to its’ members.
The athlete finds pleasure in ancillary staff
who act with insight,
But their fury is against those who
act shamefully.

by david jarvis 2022.

proverbs of squash 14th pennant by david jarvis 2022

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