Proverbs of Squash : 15th point. by david jarvis.

A mild drive stays close to the back wall,

but an overhit shot rebounds further.

The racket of the wise athlete makes good use of an open court,

but the fools’ racket hits back to their opponent.

The eyes of the Head Coach are everywhere,

Watching both the bad and the good.

A calm coach is a tree of life,

but angry coaches cause despair.

A fool disrespects their coaches’ discipline,

but a shrewd athlete accepts correction.

In the court of the righteous one there is abundant fitness,

but the produce of the cheater brings them trouble.

The hips of the trained move gracefully,

but not so the knees of the overworked.

The pain of overtraining is detestable to quality coaches,

but the freshness of tapering is an athlete’s pleasure.

Administrators detest the way of the cheater,

but love the athlete whom presents naturally.

Discipline seems hard to one forsaking education,

but whoever hates reproof will fade.

The foyer and the court are in full view of spectators.

How much more so the face of the athlete during interview?

The scoffer does not love intelligent correction.

They do not consult other advisors.

A joyful teammate makes for a cheerful companion,

but depression is a sign of overwork.

The caring athlete seeks knowledge,

but the stupid one sprouts ineffectively.

All the days of the incompetent are wasted,

but the motivated has perpetual energy.

Better is a little training than none at all,

yet optimal training is better than too much.

Better is a dish of vegetables nutritiously prepared

than processed sugary convenient treats.

A hot tempered athlete stirs up media,

but the one slow to anger performs on court.

The way of the lazy athlete leads nowhere,

but the path of the diligent is onwards and upwards.

A wise athlete makes their coach rejoice,

but a stupid one despises their teammates.

Hazing is inappropriate and lacks good sense,

Great teams maintain good relations.

Plans fail when there is no training,

but there is accomplishment in purposeful practice.

An athlete rejoices in giving the best answer,

and motivating words at the right time are wonderful.

The path of healthy lifestyle leads towards high performance,

Turning athletes away from early retirement and pain.

Oversight will tear down the cheaters’ prizes,

but will preserve the trophies of the righteous.

Administrators detest the schemes of cheaters,

but natural athletes perform purely.

The team making dishonest profits brings trouble to their sport,

but the one hating illegality will prosper.

The heart of the careful athlete meditates before answering,

but the mouth of the fool blurts out unprofessionally.

Athletes stay away from criminals,

but come close to fair communities.

Bright eyes inspire confidence;

And a good season brings a happy holiday.

The athlete who listens to first aid advice

shortens their own suffering from injury.

Anyone refusing discipline despises their own livelihood,

but whoever respects reproof acquires competence.

The fear of imbalance is a training in wisdom,

and before victory there is humility.

Proverbs of Squash : 15th point, by david jarvis 2022.

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