Proverbs of Squash : 16 court sprints, by david jarvis 2022.

An athlete prepares their psychology,

but the outcome of competition is beyond their control.

All of an athletes ways seem right to them,

But coaches examine more thoroughly.

Commit to conscious training,

and your plans will succeed.

An athlete makes everything work for their purpose,

even negativity is overcome with diligent optimism.

Everyone proud and boastful is detestable to Sport.

Be assured they will have a fall.

By lifting higher and balancing, ones errors are minimised,

and by fearing pain one avoids injury.

When associates are pleased with an athletes ways,

they cause even the athletes’ opponents to be peaceful.

Better is a little quality training,

than a lot of work without purpose.

An athlete may plot out their annual schedule,

but it should be adaptable to the unforeseen.

Inspired decisions should be on the lips of the officials;

they must always judge by the rules.

Honestly, power to weight ratio has vital importance,

Obesity is not conducive to high performance.

Missing training is detestable to coaches,

For the high performer is established with consistency.

Righteous conversation is a pleasure amongst teams,

Bonding grows between those who are honest and true.

A sportspersons rage is like a messenger of death,

But the wise coach appeases it.

In the light of a veterans face there is life;

Their favour is like cool water on a hot day.

How much better to acquire education than money!

To develop intelligent clarity is a precious outcome.

The pathway of the upright avoids what is banned.

Whoever risk assesses mitigates harmful outcomes.

Pride is before poor performance,

and overconfidence leads to stumbling.

Better to be a reserve

than to never compete at all.

An athlete who is insightful will discover success,

and happy is the one trusting quality coaching.

The healthy heart beats rythmatically,

and the calm one thinks and speaks rationally.

Recognising the shot is anticipation,

but being deceived leads us the wrong way.

A wise performer speaks with insight

and is persuasive in discussion.

Sayings of squash taste like honey,

Sweet and restorative to ones motivation.

There are ways that seem right to athletes,

but in the end lead to poor performance.

An athletes’ appetite makes them work effectively

as hunger for high performance urges us onwards.

A worthless athlete fixates on failure obsessively;

They obsess over error and demotivate the team.

A troublemaker breaks up the teams spirit,

and a slanderer destroys relationships.

A violent athlete incites their opponent

and acts outside the spirit of squash.

They scheme to harm or belittle others,

They keep secret their shame and it magnifies within.

Gray hair is a sign of wisdom

when it is found on the head of a high performer.

The athlete slow to anger is better than a muscle bound fool,

and the one controlling their temper superior to hateful opposition.

The racket is spun to select the server,

but every decision thereafter is the referee’s domain.

Proverbs of Squash : 16 Court Sprints, by david jarvis 2022.

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