Proverbs of squash : 17 tight drives, by david jarvis 2022.

Proverbs of Squash : 17 tight drives, by david jarvis 2022.

Better is a tight drive close to the wall

than a court full of open play and winners.

An administrator with insight will rule over an athlete who acts shamefully;

They will privately guide the athlete into redress.

Refining ones shots is silver and ghosting is gold,

but a Coach is the examiner of hearts.

A naysayer fixates attention on hurtful speech,

and a deceptive athlete listens to rumours.

Whoever mocks lesser players insults the spirit of Squash,

and whoever rejoices over anothers injury is unworthy of victory.

Juniors are a crown to the veteran coach,

and professional players are glory to their squash club.

Parroting the greats does not make one great;

How much less, does training at 100 when you are merely a 10?

A gifted player wastes their talents if they do not consciously train;

Every strength and weakness can be improved.

Whoever forgives a transgression seeks a relationship,

but the athlete who keeps harping on a matter seperates close teams.

A private rebuke makes a deeper impression on one having understanding

Than striking an idiot a thousand times.

A bad athlete seeks only to rebel,

but a righteously ruthless athlete will crush them.

Better to meet a bear bereaved of her cubs

Than to argue with a stupid fool.

If anyone gives a good hearted person much badness,

badness will return to their own house.

Arguing with a referee is a waste of energy;

accept the call and attend to this next rally.

Anyone who loves cheating and anyone who hates good

both of them are detestable to Squash.

What use is it to give knowledge to one filled with negativity

When they have no heart for acquiring wisdom?

A true team mate shows love at all times

and is an athlete that excels in times of hardship.

An athlete lacking intelligence agrees with a sponsor

to skip training and do publicity tours.

The athlete who loves conflict must overcome that emotion.

Anyone ranked too high will loose to lesser ranked players.

The athlete who is unfocused will not find success,

and the one consciously lying will fall into ruin.

The coach who trains a stupid player will experience much grief;

and the team mate of a senseless athlete has no joy.

A joyful psychology is great medicine,

but a demotivated player loses momentum.

A cheater will take a bribe secretly

To pervert the course of competition.

Wisdom is obvious to those who are wise,

but the eyes of the fools do not even see the ball.

A stupid athlete makes the same mistake repeatedly

and brings grief to their coach and team.

To punish the one striving righteously is not good,

and to berate decent effort is unmotivating.

A coach of knowledge restrains their words,

and a discerning athlete will remain calm.

A fool speaks muchly, but an athlete moves humanely,

and the one who lets their racket do the talking is wise.


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