Tales of the Minka Bird.

Old Forest.

The conservationist turns to the economist and says,
“This old growth forest is sustaining the health of everyone’s fresh air.”
The lumber businessman turns to the economist and says,
“If I chop down that old forest, I’ll sell the lumber and use the money to go on holiday where the air is fresh.”
The farmer turns to the economist and says,
“If the forest is chopped down, I’ll buy the land and plant potatoes, which grow and make profit, and then I’ll go on holiday where the air is fresh.”
The economist looks at the group who are talking at them and says,
“I’m not wasting my air listening to you mob for free, it’s $1000 per hour to present your wealth creation ideas to me.”

The conservationist guffaws and slaps their face, then says,
“People, if all the forests get chopped down, there won’t be any fresh air at any holiday place.”
The lumber businessman, farmer and economist bash the conservationist to death and smile as they agree,
“Well now that conservationist is dead there is more fresh air for the lot of us, so let’s apply for rights to chop down the old forest.”
In the dark shadows of the old growth forest an indigenous magician smiles whilst they think,
“In another thousand or so years all the trees will be cut down and then I won’t have to keep coming back to life as those damned old trees, getting tickled by the critters crawling all over me is so frustrating.”
An ant agrees with their ant work mate that it’s all quite perplexing and they both get back to work on aerating their nest.

Back at the secret womans’ site, the three wives of the indigenous magician sit around a small smoking fire. The eldest one, currently living in the youngest body speaks,
“This argument has gone on long enough, when we planted that forest all those millennia ago, He told me He preferred a desert there and looks like He’s going to get his way in about a 1000 years.”
The oldest looking one nods her head in agreement as she indicates,
“Time flies so quickly here on Earth, can we get back to the dreaming now?”
The middle aged one, the wisest of the three in these matters speaks,
“Not so hastily girls, those ants make a good point, let’s feel about that for a while.”

The Minka Bird perched on a nearby branch sharpens its’ beak, recalling the taste of ant.

by david jarvis spring day 14, 2022.

Tales of the Minka Bird : Old Forest, by david jarvis spring day 14 2022.

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