Proverbs of Squash : 18th Year, by david jarvis 2022.

Whoever solo trains pursues their

own valuable outcomes privately.

They reject the mediocrity of endless training games.

A stupid athlete takes no pleasure in

learning from others;

They would rather ignore solid advice than

open their heart.

When a cheater comes near, contempt

also approaches.

The words of a wise athlete are deep


The water fountain is fresh and filtered

with decency.

It is not good to show leniency to the

evil cheaters

Or to deprive the righteous of their


The speech of the angry violent athlete leads to


and their mouth spurs opponents to resolve.

The mouth of the fool is their ruin,

and their lips will bind their own outcomes to poverty.

The words of a slanderer seem a sweet


They are easy to swallow, but bitterness ensues.

Whoever trains lazily in their own squad

is a team mate spreading poor performance.

Ones name needs to be above reproach.

A clear conscious and righteous activity is protective.

The wealth of the rich is their healthy mind and body;

Their psychology forms a protective boundary to sickness.

Before a surprise loss an athlete’s heart is lofty,

and before glory there is humility.

When anyone over anticipates the opponents shot

they will go the wrong way.

An athlete’s spirit can sustain them through


But depression is the heaviest burden.

An understanding heart acquires knowledge,

and the ears of the wise seek and listen to discover improvement.

An athlete’s gifts open the way forward;

But to become consistent optimal training is required.

The first point opens the competition and feels right,

but the last point wins the match.

Spinning the racket decides who is serving

and referees decide all decisions thereafter.

An offended athlete is more unyielding

than the walls of the squash court.

And some disputes hinder high performance.

From the fruitage of an athlete’s training

their neuromusclar system will be refined.

They will be satisfied with incremental improvements.

Loss and Victory are in the power of psychology;

Those who align their spirit and psychology will grow


The one who finds a good soul mate has found

someone good,

and they receive everlasting love.

The poor athlete implores with sincerity,

but the rich athlete answers harshly.

There are companions ready to sap the athletes


but there are friends who stick closer

than siblings.

Proverbs of Squash : 18th Year, by David Jarvis 2022.


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