Proverbs of Squash : 19 drop shots, by david jarvis spring 2022.

It is better to be fit and walking in


Than to be overtrained and sick or injured.

An athlete without a drop shot is not


and the one who rallies deep perpetually lacks


It is an athletes’ own foolishness that shapes

their repeated errors,

and their heart becomes enraged

against anyone and everyone.

Wealth attracts many sponsors,

but the poor player will be deserted even

by their team mates.

A weak shot will not go unpunished,

and the deceptive shot can escape the reach of the quick.

Many seek the favor of the top player,

and everyone is a friend to the champion

who gives free equipment.

All the sponsors of an incompetent athlete hate them;

How much more are they shunned by their ex training partners.

They pursue others with requests, but nobody


Whichever athlete acquires education loves


Whichever athlete treasures insight will

find success.

An immoral team mate will not go unpunished,

and the one who runs out of breath

will fade.

If the shoe doesn’t fit properly immediately;

Do not purchase it at all, or risk blisters foolishly.

The restraint of an athlete certainly slows down

their anger,

and it is beautiful to overlook

the errors of the officials during the match.

The champions rage is like the growling of a


but their favour is fresh like clean clothes.

A stupid athlete brings adversity on their


and quarreling with opposition is like a roof

that never stops leaking.

A club culture is inherited from coaches and players,

but a discreet administrator is beneficial.

Laziness brings incompetence to training,

and a sluggish runner is a poor


The athlete who trains masterfully

keeps their fitness;

The one who is reckless in training

will become injured.

The athlete showing favour to the lesser ranked is

building relationships,

and sponsors will repay them for what they


Discipline the athlete while there is hope,

and do not become responsible for

their stumbling.

The hot-tempered athlete receives a

conduct penalty;

If referee’s spare them, they will have to

do that again and again.

Listen to coaching and accept discipline,

to become a superior athlete in your


Many are the desires in an athletes wish list,

but the diligent seek counsel to prevail when planning.

The desirable characteristic of an athlete is their loyalty

to team mates;

and it is better to be mute than to be a

braggart or liar.

The fear of failure should be overcome;

the one who is optimistic will have a pleasant

training, incrementally improving.

The lazy athlete dreams of victory and success

but rarely trains,

they do not even bother to show up.

Give strokes against the dissenter, so that the

inexperienced athlete may become


and correct the diligent athletes, so

that they increase in knowledge.

The athlete who mistreats their coach and

drives away their team mates

is a fool causing shame and disgrace.

Athlete, if you cease listening to intelligence,

you will stray away from the proverbs of squash.

A worthless spectator mocks the opposition,

and the mouth of the wicked spews

up vitriol.

Judgment is in store for the ridiculers,

losses will grow statistically for the

untrained ones.

Proverbs of Squash : 19 drop shots, by david jarvis 2022.

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