Proverbs of Squash : 20 lob shots dying, by david jarvis 2022.

Proverbs of Squash : 20 lob shots dying, by david jarvis 2022.

A little wine is fine, but too much

will lead the fools astray today.

The terror of the elite athlete is like the roaring of a


whoever provokes the mob risks their own


It is honourable for an athlete to respect the


but fools argue unneccessarily about lets.

The lazy athlete does not train when cold,

so they never become warmed up for the match.

The thoughts of an athlete’s heart are like deep


and the discerning coach draws them out.

Many team mates proclaim their loyalty,

but who can find a faithful training partner?

The righteous athlete walks through skills at first,

happy about slow and incremental gains.

When the champion stands on the podium,

they feel the glow of success yet plan for improvement.

Who can say : “I have trained my weaknesses;

I improve each day”?

Dishonest sponsors and dissembling administrators

both are detestable to quality coaches and athletes.

Even a junior is known by their actions,

whether their behaviour is pure and right.

Hear the score and see the ball

Squash is made of both of those.

Sleep and recover or you will become overtrained.

Open yourself to optimality, and you will taper appropriately.

“That’s a double, that’s a double!” says some opponents;

They seek to influence the officials in desperation.

There is graphite, also much polymer,

but the lips of knowledge are even more


Take an athlete’s equipment if they cheat

for gains;

Seize their winnings and make them foreign to our sport.

Victories gained by cheating taste like ashes and gravel.

By consultation, training schedules will succeed,

and by skillful direction wage your campaign.

The imprudent reveal confidences about their team mates;

Do not associate with players who love to gossip.

Whoever curses their coach or captain,

their abilities will decline in times of hardship.

Inheriting a squash centre when needy

will not be a blessing in the end.

Do not say: “I will win!”

Hope that you will play well, and that will save you.

Dishonest gains are detestable to Squash,

And deceptive shots are true to the player, not the opponent.

An athlete’s footsteps are directed by Pathways;

How can a junior understand their own way?

It is a snare for an athlete to cry out rashly,


And realise the referee makes the decision otherwise.

A wise coach sifts out the wicked

And drives the evil out of them.

The cardiovascular system is the heart beating of an athlete,

It powers everything they train for.

Loyal love and faithfulness safeguard the captain;

by loyal love they sustain their leadership.

The glory of juniors is their speed, strength and suppleness,

And the splendor of veterans is their shot selection and skills.

Bloody wounds need first aid,

and losses cleanses one’s innermost being.


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