Proverbs of Squash : 21 Volley Nick Rollers by david jarvis 2022.

Proverbs of Squash : 21 Volley Nick Rollers, by david jarvis 2022.

A champions shot selection is like streams of water off their racket.

They flow away from the opponent.

All of an athletes’ ways seem right to them,

But the Head Coach predicts the outcomes.

To hit with correct weight and just in

Is more pleasing to the Team than show boating.

Haughty eyes and an arrogant way

the lamp that guides those is dim.

The training schedule of the diligent leads towards success,

and perpetual match practice leads towards stagnation.

Gaining sponsors with a lying tongue

Is like overhitting the drive.

The violence of the desperate leads towards harm,

For they think incorrectly they are justified.

The way of a cheating athlete is ineptitude,

but the activity of a natural athlete is consistently lawful.

Better to hit the ball to a vacant corner

than back to the opponent.

The deceptive shot makes the opponent look bad;

It sends them the wrong way.

When a dissenter is conduct warned, the inexperienced become wiser,

and when a wise athlete receives insight, they gain knowledge.

The Righteous One observes the training of the uneducated;

They notice the lack of improvement.

Whoever refuses to listen to the crying of their athlete

Will themselves not be heard nor answered.

A secret gift builds confidence and wonder,

and a hidden bribe breaches Our sports rules.

It is joy for an athlete to train optimally,

but the incompetent merely want to play.

The athlete who strays from the pathway

Will become a club player.

The athlete whom loves having a good time will come to poverty;

The one who loves alcohol and drugs will not sustain improvements.

The lesser participant is a ransom for the professional athlete,

and the cheater will be replaced with a natural athlete.

Better to train alone

Than stagnating with endless match play.

Precious equipment and creams are found in the bag of the athlete,

but the stupid will squander what they have.

Whoever pursues every shot diligently

Will apply pressure and create opportunities.

A wise athlete analyses the opposition

and turns weaknesses into strengths and strength into weakness.

The athlete refraining from comments and argument

keeps themselves in the zone of flow.

An arrogant bragger is known by both their speech and movement.

What the lazy uneducated athlete craves is never achieved

for they do not know what to do.

All day long some greedily desire to take,

but the quiet achiever gives, holding nothing back.

The gifts of the cheaters are detestable,

how much more when they dissemble during interview.

A lying athlete will fade,

but the one who truthfully trains meets with success.

The cheater puts on a bold faced attitude,

But it is the natural athlete whose course is sure.

There is no wisdom, nor discernment, nor counsel in opposition to the Officials.

The athlete is prepared for the day of competition,

and they compete how they trained.


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