Proverbs of Squash : 22 little ducks, by david jarvis 2022.

Proverbs of Squash : 22 little ducks, by david jarvis 2022.

A good game is to be developed rather than expensive equipment;

To respect and be respected in return is victory itself.

The professional athlete and the club player have this in common:

They both play squash.

The shrewd one sees the dangerous shot coming and protects their eyes,

But the inexperienced fixate on competition and risk injury.

The results of humility and fear of failure

are consistent training, incremental improvements and good health.

An excessive swing breaches the rules,

and whoever values their health keeps far away from it.

Train a junior in the pathway they should go;

Even when they grow old they remember it.

The quality athlete overcomes the casual player,

and the coach is a slave to the professional athlete.

Whoever lies in training will fail in competition,

and their inconsistency will be revealed.

The generous athlete will be blessed,

for they share victory with their team mates.

Drive the ball with correct weight,

and the opponents quality will deteriorate

Looseness and defensive boasts become opportunities.

The athlete who loves nutrition and whose speech is gracious

Will have sponsors and administrators as supporters.

The eyes of Squashers must be safeguarded,

without them one cannot even play.

The lazy one implies: any excuse will do,

I’m not training in any way today.

The wayward shot must be returned tighter,

and should increasingly apply pressure.

Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a junior,

but the head coaches discipline will remove it far from them.

The one defrauding their sponsors to increase their wealth

and the one giving gifts to the rich

Will end up in poverty.

Listen to the words of veteren coaches,

Attend professional development courses to improve.

For it is pleasant to be amongst peers,

So that comradship and wisdom may be nearby.

For your confidence to peak during competition,

Training and recovery need knowledgeable actions.

Have we not already discovered much?

What works does not need changing.

Coach athletes with true and reliable processes,

So that they can return every shot accurately.

Do not embarrass the casual player because they are social,

and do not crush the lowly athlete’s spirit.

For Squash needs all participants and supporters

and restraint and mercy are components of victory.

Do not permit your team mate to be hot-tempered

or get involved with those disposed to rage,

So that your centre remains calm

and your conscious is clear.

Do not pledge to throw a result,

Nor give away security equipment inappropriately.

If you have nothing to pay,

Do not take the equipment!

Play the ball within the boundaries

Just keep getting it in.

Have you seen a skillful athlete at work?

They stand amongst monarchs;

They do not associate with whingers.


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