Proverbs of Squash : 23 calories per sip, by david jarvis 2022

Proverbs of Squash : 23 calories per sip, by david jarvis 2022.

When you sit down after training,

carefully consider what nutrition is before you;

put a limit on the calories you consume

and define the vitamins and minerals contained therein.

Do not crave sweets or junk,

for they are deceptive rubbish.

Do not wear yourself out for quick gains.

Slow and sure training is faster than fast training!

When you cast your eyes on the ball, it is not there,

for surely the opponent has already hit it.

Do not move your head prior to hitting your shot;

for the opposition uses body language to anticipate your stroke.

Do not speak at the angry opposition,

for they will despise everything you have to say.

Do not influence the referee except to state “appeal” ;

for the opposition may take heart from your pleading.

A defensive player is strong;

they will play lobs and depth burying you in the deep court.

Apply your heart to cardiovascular training

and your motivation towards incremental improvements.

Do not hold back disciplining yourself.

If you play a thousand shots, make every one purposeful.

With your racket you will strike each one,

With a clearly defined target in mind.

My athlete, if your mind becomes wise,

Then your coaches own heart will rejoice!

Our innermost being discovers joy

when we align our actions and psychology with our goals.

Let yourself not be demotivated by naysayers,

But be motivated by their medicrotity and lack.

For then you will have a future

and your hopes are not dependent upon anyone else.

Listen, my athlete and become self sufficient,

and direct your actions in the right pathway.

Do not be among those who party too much,

nor among those who become obese and lazy.

For a drunkard and a glutton is not athletic,

and laziness will not improve your skills.

Listen to your coach who caused your improvements,

and do love your training partners persistence.

Return gifts with gifts,

and give wisdom and discipline to those wise in discipline.

The coach of a diligent athlete will surely be joyful;

whoever coaches a wise athlete will rejoice with them.

Their mother and father will also rejoice,

and she who gives nutrition to you should be respected.

My athlete, do give your heart to your teammates,

and make your presence raise them up.

For an opponent is a challenge to be overcome,

and an administrator facilitates your pathway forwards.

Do not steal others equipment;

nor break contract with your sponsors illegally.

Who weeps? Who has anxiety?

Who quarrels? Who has complaints?

Who has wounds for unknown reasons? Who has bleary eyes?

Those who drink too much;

Those mixing their alcohol or substances.

Do not look for a drug dealer,

Do not imbide alcohol before your tournament matches.

For in the end those things will destroy your form,

and secrete toxins into your system.

Your eyes will not see the ball,

and your motivation will dwindle into oblivion.

And you will be like a homeless person lying in the gutter,

like one without friends or allies.

You will say: “I cannot train, for I am hungover.

I feel sick and tired.

I’m never doing that again!”

The same old tired promise of the loser.


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