Proverbs of Squash : 25 visualisations.

Proverbs of Squash : 25 Visualisations.

These also are the proverbs of squash, which the Head Coach transcribed:

It is glory for Competitors to keep a
matter secret,
And the glory of coaches is to
search through a matter.

As the roof is high and the
rear court is deep,
So the heart of athletes are

Remove the errors from ones match play,
and it will emerge incrementally
Remove the cheating one from the
athlete’s presence,
and their standards will be firmly
established in righteousness.
Do not honour yourself before the
and do not take a place in the limelight,
For it is better for sponsors to say to you,
“Are you available?”
Than to chase those who may be uncaring.

Do not dispute referee’s calls,
for what will you do if the
referee awards conduct penalty?
Appeal your case with the referee,
but do not dissent nor swear vehemently.
So that the ones listening will not
be alarmed
and you will remain focused on
what you can control.

Like comfortably soft tracksuits
Are words spoken pleasantly at the right time.
Like a new racket
with your favourite strings
Is a wise coaches advise to the
receptive athlete.
Just like cool nutritious liquid on
a stinking hot day
Is a caring coach to those
who utilise them,
For the coach refreshes their athletes.
Like a dust storms’ irritants
is an athlete who boasts about outcomes
never achieved.

By patience a competitor is won over,
and a gentle shot can win the rally.
If you discover gains, take only what you need,
for if you take too much, it may
stand against you.
Rarely train with your opposition,
so that they do not learn your secrets.

Like a torn hamstring and an inflamed knee and a
Is an athlete lying against other stakeholders.
Like a broken racket or a slippery shoe
Is confidence in an unreliable
person in times of trouble.
Like one who warms up in the cold 
on a cold day
and like mints mixed with cola
is the one who is joyous to a
gloomy heart.
If your opponent is hungry, give them
food to eat;
If they are thirsty, give them liquid to drink,
For you will be over arousing them
and Squash will reward you.

The lob raises pressure,
and a relentlessly tight drive brings
Better to hit to the corners of the court
Than back to the opponent.
Like cool water after a pressure session
Is a good report from stakeholders.
Like a smelly bag and tinea on the feet
Is an athlete who gives in to a negatively motivated person.

It is not good to eat too much sugar,
Nor is it glorious to glorify oneself. 
As a front wall broken down, with cracks and holes,
Is the athlete who cannot control their arousal.

by David Jarvis 2022.


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