Proverbs of Squash : 26 top spinning backhand drops.

Like perpetually subsidising fossil fuel technology,

Honour does not befit the stupid athlete.

Just as a street skater has reason to flee and

a scooter to fly higher,

So a curse does not come

without a real reason.

Whip the rudely dismissive, highlight

the ambiguity of dissemblers,

and anonymity safeguards the whistleblower.

Do not answer the stupid stakeholder

according to their foolishness,

So that you do not pull yourself down to

their mediocrity.

Communicate with the stupid one according to

their foolishness,

So that they feel the shame of their prejudgment.

Like an athlete drunken before a big match

Is the one who entrusts matters

to someone stupid.

Like the weak legs of the untrained,

So is a proverb of squash in the mind of

stupid stakeholders.

Like gluing the ball to your best racket,

So is giving glory to someone


Like a stone in your squash shoes,

So is the proverb of squash in the mind of

stupid athletes.

Like an archer who shoots randomly blindfolded,

So is the one who contracts the

stupid or those not committed.

Like stepping in dog excrement,

The stupid athlete repeats their errors.

Have you seen a young athlete who thinks they

are perfectly wise?

There is more hope for a casual player

than for them.

The lazy one says: “I’m sleeping in today,

I’m going to a party tonight.”

An athlete keeps pivoting effectively,

and the lazy one pivots in bed.

The lazy athlete purchases junky

convenience food,

but doesn’t realise it lacks nutritious value

and has empty calories.

The incompetent one thinks they are wiser

Than seven stakeholders who give a

sensible reply.

Like throwing out expensive goods

Is the athlete who becomes furious about a

quarrel that is not theirs.

Like a team mate shouting at the referee

Is the athlete hazing their own team mates and says,

“I was only joking.”

Where there is no contest, the fire

goes out,

And where there is no baiting,

quarreling ceases.

As spilt milk in your squash bag or

saturated clothing left too long,

So a contentious athlete kindles a quarrel.

The attitudes of a slanderer are like

tasty treats;

They are absorbed right down into

the wayward heart.

Like concrete on bicycles tyres

Are affectionate words from

the opposition.

The athlete who hates losing disguises

it with their lips,

but privately they harbor deceit.

Although they speak graciously, do

not trust them,

For there are many detestable

things in their heart.

Though their hatred is concealed by


Their evil will be exposed in due course.

The one who influences the referee is desperate,

and whoever repeatedly doubts the scorers calls,

is themselves doubtful.

A lying person hates those revealed by it,

and a flattering speech causes ruin.

By David Jarvis 2022.

Proverbs of Squash : 26 top spinning backhand drops, by david jarvis 2022.

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