Proverbs of Squash : Twenty Seven Love.

proverbs of squash : twenty seven love

Two walled boast,

if and only if you’ve driven them out of position.

Let your team mates praise you, and

not your own mouth ;

Others keep score, and speak it not yourself.

A dumbbell is heavy and sand dune repeats

are sapping,

but the irritation caused by a

fool is heavier than both.

There are errors of frustration and the

arousal of anger,

But who can volley a lob?

Correction training is better than

concealed love and niceness.

The assistance that hurts from a friend

is magnificent,

whereas an enemies flattery is wind.

One whose training is progressing

is ambivalent about advice from the


but for the stagnate, even what is

irrevelent seems useful.

Like an athlete who leaves their

home club

is a participant who tries other


Creams and smells add to ones motivation;

So does caring friendship

springing from sincere


Do not forsake team mates or your

coaches friends,

And do not enter your own

team mates court on the day of

your injury;

Better is a physiotherapist nearby than

a team mate far away.

Be conscious my athlete, and make the coaches

heart rejoice,

So that we can make replies to those

who taunt us.

The shrewd athlete sees the risk

and protects their eyes,

But the incompetent care more for

positional victory and thus suffer the


Take an athlete’s equipment if they have

given security for a stranger;

Seize the pledge from them if they

did so for a foreigner.

When recreation centres have blearing

music early in the morning,

It will be counted as unneccessary stupidity.

A quarrelsome team mate is like a

constantly leaking court roof on a rainy


Whoever can restrain them can

restrain the wind

and can perfectly regrip and restring a racket with one hand.

As training sharpens training,

So one athlete sharpens their peers.

Those who care for a junior program will

enjoy their growth and development,

And the one who gives care for

their superiors will be honoured.

As the wall rebounds the ball,

So the heart of one athlete reflects

their opponents.

Administration and the palace of

profiteers are never


Nor are the naysayers eyes ever


As the camp is for high performance and

the tournament for peak performance,

So an athlete is tested by the

praise they receive.

Even if you repeat advice to a fool,

giving your time generously,

their foolishness will not leave them.

You should know well the

appearance of your clubs’ members.

Take good care of our supporters,

For prize money does not last forever,

nor sponsors contracts for all


The long grass is mowed, it regrows,

and fruitage of high rankings is harvested.

The young players provide our sustenance,

and g.o.a.t’s provide the

funding of new courts.

And there will be enough g.o.a.t’s

milk to develop the program,

To feed our club, and to

sustain the recreation centres staff.

By David Jarvis 2022.


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