Proverbs of Squash : 28 Targets.

Proverbs of Squash : 28 Targets, by David Jarvis 2022.

The wicked are paranoid,

but the intelligent confidently risk manage.

When there is incompetence at the recreation centre, it will

have one manager after another,

but with the help of people of discernment

and knowledge, a manager will long endure.

An athlete who tears down others

Is like a thief who steals your equipment.

Those who abandon the rules praise victory at any cost,

but those who observe the rules are respectful always.

Weak athletes cannot understand justice,

but those who seek peak performance can understand everything.

Better is a poor athlete who competes with integrity

than a rich one whose ways breach the spirit of the sport.

An understanding athlete observes the rules,

but a companion of gluttons disgraces their coach.

The one who increases their squash by training

and education

Amasses resources for the ones who show favour to

the poor.

The athlete refusing to listen to the referee

even their hopes are detestable.

The athlete misleading honest stakeholders

will fall into their own trap,

But the blameless will inherit high performance and longevity.

A wealthy administrator is wise in their own eyes,

but an athlete with discernment can identify fools gold.

When the respectful triumph, there is great glory,

but when the uncaring rise to power, people

leave our sport.

The one covering over their weaknesses will not improve,

but whoever trains weaknesses, creates strengths.

Content is the athlete who is always prudent,

but whoever hardens their arteries shortens lifespan.

Like a swearing nobody and an over aroused casual player

Is an incompetent administrator over a club.

A leader without discernment abuses their power,

but the one hating dishonest profit will

prolong their life.

An athlete burdened with shame for harming

another will run away to another club.

Let no one support them.

The one serving faultlessly is consistent,

but the one whose training is incompetent will

cave in.

The athlete cultivating their club will have plenty

of support,

but the one taking up worthless activity

will have their fill of poverty.

A patient athlete will receive opportunities,

but the one hasty to win the rally will make errors.

It is not good to dismiss the rules;

and an athlete might do wrong for a team mate.

An envious athlete is too eager for gains,

not knowing injuries increase with risk.

Whoever reproves an athlete will afterward find

more favour

Than someone who flatters a high performer.

Whoever robs their parents or stakeholders and thinks,

“I deserve this,”

Is a partner of the opposition.

The greedy stakeholder stirs up dissension,

but whoever lets their racket do the talking will prosper.

Whoever trusts in their own emotions is stupid,

but the athlete who trains with wisdom will improve.

Whoever gives to the casual player will lack nothing,

but the professional who closes their eyes to them will

receive many curses.

When the cruel or incompetent rise to leadership, athletes hide,

but when leadership is righteous, participation increases.

by David Jarvis 2022.


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