Proverbs of Squash 29 Bucket Lob Serves.

Proverbs of Squash 29 Bucket Lob Serves, by daj 2022.

An athlete who refuses solid advice given fairly

Will suddenly be demotivated beyond recovery.

When sportsmanship is widespread, athletes rejoice,

But when indifference and money rule, the stakeholders groan.

An athlete who loves quality makes their coach rejoice,

But the one who keeps company with vampires squanders their hard work.

With principles a president brings improvement to the club,

but an administrator seeking personal profit brings it to ruin.

An athlete who flatters their opponent

spreads out a trap for them.

A dishonest athletes’ transgressions ensares them,

but the honestly fair one rejoices joyfully.

The righteous stakeholder is concerned about the legal rights of the lowly,

but the anti-ethical and uncaring has no such concern.

Boasting too much opens up the court,

but those who are patient limit opportunity.

When a wise athlete enters into controversy with casual participants,

There will be argument and rejection and little to no improvement.

Purely competitive athletes hate anyone cooperative,

and they seek to diminish their opponents.

A stupid stakeholder gives vent to all their feelings,

But the wise athlete calmly optmises their arousal.

When a lead administrator pays attention to lies,

All stakeholders will make incompetent decisions.

The casual participant and the elite athlete have this in common:

They can both see the ball on a well lit court.

When an administrator judges fairly,

the club will always be secure.

The racket and officials impart wisdom,

but a junior left unrestrained brings shame upon themselves.

When the overly competitive increase, joy decreases,

But the spirit of squash will see their downfall.

Discipline your athletes and they will bring you peace;

And they will give you great satisfaction.

Where there is no vision, the club has no direction,

But happy are those who observe the spirit of squash.

Some stakeholders will not let themselves be corrected by words,

For though they understand, they will not change.

Have you seen a stakeholder hasty with their words?

There is more hope for a fool than for them.

If a participant is pampered from their youth,

They will become thankless later on.

An athlete prone to anger stirs up strife;

Anyone disposed to rage commits many transgressions.

The haughtiness of an athlete will humble them,

But whoever is humble in spirit will obtain glory.

The partner of a cheater hates themself.

They may hear the call to testify, but they report nothing.

Trembling at opponents is a snare,

But the one trusting in their spirit of squash will be protected.

Many seek audience with an elite athlete,

but it is on court that an athlete receives justice.

A cheating athlete is destetable to natural ones,

But the athlete whose way is upright is detestable to the cheater.

by David Jarvis Spring 2022.


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