Loyalty, a poem for Clare.

If I stood beside you,

Would you stand beside me?

If I walked in the front,

Would you follow me from behind?

If I fell, would you help me up?

If I was hungry, would you give from your plate?

If I cried tears of joy,

Would you too?

If they were tears of sorrow would you still be here tomorrow?

If I told a joke, could you guess the punchline and smile in anticipation before laughing on cue?

Would you, be lovingly loyal for me today and tomorrow?

If I was a king, would you be my queen?

If I was royalty, would you bend your knee to me, gracefully?

If I was a pauper would you wash my feet?

If I was alone would you call me on the phone?

If I had the answers, would you ask the questions?

Or when my questions are off track, would you guide me back with the right answer?

If I was lost, would you find me?

If I breath in, will you breathe out?

Would we stand back to back against all odds, gods and men, dogs and goats?

Will we rest face to face in our final place?

Yes, I will, yes, I am, yes, I have.

By David Jarvis November 2022.

Loyalty, A poem for Clare, by David Jarvis 2022.

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