Proverbs of Squash : 30 more drills.

The correctly weighted message contained in the words of David son of Brian, which are spoken to athletes attending.

I am less fit than anyone else,

And I lack the skills an elite athlete should have.

I have not learned wisdom,

And I do not possess the knowledge

of World Champions.

Who has ascended to rank number 1 and

then descended?

Who has gathered the air in

the palms of both hands?

Who has wrapped up cool waters

in their t shirt?

Who has established all the

ends of the courts surface?

What is their name and the name

of their children – if you know?

Every proverb of Squash is refined.

Squash is a shield to those playing

fairly within its courts.

Add usefully to our words,

Or you will be reproved,

And you will be shown a fool.

Two things I ask of you.

Do not withhold them from me

before we commit.

Remove untruth and lies far from


Give me neither poverty nor riches.

Just let me consume my portion

of nutrition,

So that I do not become fat and unfit

and quit Squash and say “Who cares about this nonsense?”

Nor let me become incompetent and

cheat or dishonour the spirit of my sport.

Do not slander a participant to another stakeholder,

Or they may curse you and you

will be found guilty.

There is a generation that curses its coach

And does not bless its opponents.

There is a generation that is pure

in its own eyes

But has not been cleansed from

its rubbish.

There is a generation whose eyes

are so haughty

And whose eyes look so arrogantly!

There is a generation whose teeth are decayed

And whose jaws are set hard;

They devour the lowly ranked ones

And the poor from among stakeholders.

The business administrators have two methods

that both cry, “Pay! Pay!”

There are three things that do not get satisfied,

Four that never say, “Enough!”

-The Government and an incompetent coach,

The recreation centre that has no free water,

And ambition that never says, “Enough!”

The spectators eye that mocks a champion and

despises obedience to a national sporting organisation

-The ravens of country will peck it out,

And the rising stars will eat it up.

There are three things that are

beyond my comprehension,

And four that I do not understand :

The way of a midge in the courts rafters,

The way of a spider unseen,

The way the ball rolls out of the nick,

And the way an athlete solo trains.

This is the way of a cheating athlete:

They take illegal performance enhancers;

Conceal the evidence, then say “I have done nothing wrong.”

There are three things that make

a court shudder

And four things a club cannot endure:

When the incompetent are administrators,

When a participant abuses the officials without rebuke,

When a hated champion is victorious,

And when an athlete is hit in the eyeball.

Four things in a court are among the simplest,

But they are high performance nonetheless :

The drive is not a difficult shot,

But it is the foundation of all rallies.

The drop shot is not a mighty shot,

but it draws the opponent to the front.

The volley has a different swing,

Yet it applies high pressure.

The lob is unreachable and buries

the opponent in the rear court.

There are three ways with

an impressive stride,

Four that are impressive for

quality movers :

The walk, the most efficient of movements,

Will get you to many balls.

The run, is faster and gives you more

time on the ball.

The forward lunge, is the end of movement

in the front court, from which you must rebound.

The side step in the mid court, will engage

your iliotibial band and results in quick volleys.

If you have foolishly exalted yourself

Or if you have schemed to do so,

Put your hand over your mouth.

For as the shaking of protein powder

in milk produces a drink

And the ball squeezed engages muscles,

So inciting to anger produces unnecessary quarrels.

by david jarvis 2022.

Proverbs of Squash : 30 more drills, by daj.

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