Sayings of Squash : Arabian Knights.

Train to be the player you want to be.

There are no short rallies within any worthwhile victory.

You cannot cross court until you have courage to loose sight of the ball.

The greatest danger for most players is not that we aim too high and hit out, but that we aim too low and hit the tin.

Always bear in mind that your own determination to train and play well is more important than any other component.

It does not matter how slowly you move as long as you reach the ball before the second bounce.

You are not the player in the pool, you are the entire pool in one player.

body of water during dawn
A drop in the ocean, an ocean in a drop : Photo by Pixabay on

You are not just drop shots and winners, you are a complete player.

Training alone is better than training badly.

Do not feel excluded, squash is inclusive.

Love all is the …

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by David Jarvis 2022.


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