may the fourth be with you

some think i fund in da guarden govner

Pray tell me gardener, what did you discover?

looks like a flat ball govner, got a slug on it sir

She sells sea shells by the slug on a seasame street ball then is it sammy?

im not sammy sir, ear, what u want me do with the slug then govner?

Be gentle and put it back on the grass before I kick your…

ball. daj 4/5/22.

slug on ball by david jarvis may 2022

Overcoming a Nemesis : The Dark Knight Rises.

Featuredselective focus photo of black bat on brown stone

Batman vs Bane. In the opening encounters between these two title contenders we discover that Bane has the edge over Batman. Bane is faster, stronger, more confident, anticipates every attack of the Batman and fairly easily claims the first bloody victory…

An initial encounter.
Tell me where the trailer is, then you have my permission to die.

Later the movie develops, we see that Batman also develops, he digs deeper into his being and takes onboard greater power, greater responsibility and discovered new depths of dark power. Batman harmonises with his new being and overcomes his Bane and emerges as the Knight that Gotham City needs, at the time when He is needed most of all.

The Dark Knight Rises.


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