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play well and love the one you’re with. daj.


G’day Everyone, Please enjoy my brief bio (i.e. informal curriculum vitae) and then if you like follow up with checking out the various bazillion social media accounts I got operating as something I think is worthwhile for All.

birth year 1972 @ North Adelaide, South Australia.

late 70’s thru 1990 = Schooled at Craigmore South Primary School, then Craigmore High School. Played any and all sports but mainly soccer with Elizabeth Grove, then APAC, started squash in 1988 after I had to give up playing soccer under doctors advice due to discovery of a bleeding disorder Von Weillerbrands Disorder, blood factor 8 deficiency – which was discovered after i bleed for many hours after tonsilectomony at Lywell McEwin. Fortunately they “saved” my life by inducing me to vomit about one third to one half of my own blood i’d swallowed post op. Try gargling hydrogen peroxide – I had to until totally exhausted. Took 6 months to recover and I still fear things in my mouth.

I’ve worked widely in the sport and recreation industry since 1990, as far south as Victor Harbour squash centre and as far north as Clare squash centre. I’ve spent a lot of time in recreation centres too as a client. I’ve had my drink spiked by criminals when I was training, i’ve been threatened to be thrown down stairs, had fists held in my face by irate soccer players when I wasn’t even the ref they was angry with!

Whilst working at recreation centres I’ve had drunks come at me because I told them to leave after they vomited on the floor – which I had to clean up. I’ve listened to staff upset as they describe heroin junkies jumping the counter to steal the till. I’ve escorted female leisure service officers out of the centre at their close of late night shift when I was the last man in the squash centre due to our late night competitions.

I’ve seen kids break arms from trips, seen a face smash through glass after a trip and a nose hanging off and the child in utter shock. I’ve called the ambulance more than once for patrons and undertaken first aid courses so many times, I know them back to front and since about 2014, never needed to redo any question.

I improved the knowledge that nose bleeders should lean forward so the blood doesn’t run down the back of their throats and make them feel sick due to the taste and sensation, which was what st john was having happen to children, when they was advising to pinch the nose and tilt the head backwards way back in the early 90’s.
That incremental improvement started after i told a st john first aid instructor my own experiences with nose bleeds, because I am a bleeder and thus am highly experienced with bleeding and minimising harm of bleeding in others. Not medically trained, just personally experienced.
I’ve seen clients throw chairs around and tables upturned. Some of my equipment has simply vanished whilst I trained, and I’ve stopped various recreation centre’s equipment being stolen by being aware of the light fingered ones entering the centre I was working in… I knew they was light fingered because I knew the local community and others had shared their stories with me.
I’ve run sports programs across I don’t know how many suburbs and centres in South Oz and engaged with so many organisations that the old “office of rec n sport” actually made a list of all the current sso’s upon my request to a young graduate who was generous enough to email with me several times promptly. She had already been promoted, I noted when I checked up on her a few years later, and figured she deserved it, being an honest, smart working graduate engaging with community appropriately and respectfully.

I engage with local, state and federal governments, individuals, businesses and community groups or organisations alike. I am in contact with several inter-national sporting organisations.

First employment = casual retail assistant @ Venture Stores Elizabeth Store at 16 years old in summer of 1988, they cut my hours when I turned 18.

First child care role started directly after i turned 18, when Barbara at Craigmore YMCA offered me a casual position. OSHC and Vacation Care at the YMCA whilst studying at Uni of Adelaide.

A few years at Adelaide University then onto bicycle couriering with Tenspeed Couriers after a friend suggested I apply for the role. Mr Gary Roper took me onboard for my first full time job.

A few more years at Bicycle Brigade a subdivision of Mayne Nickless, then into the Mail Officer Role with Corporate Mailroom Solutions another subdivision of Mayne Nickless, contracting for Transport SA, Walkerville. I was working on the day someone jumped off the 8 story roof to their death, a mate and I found the route up to the roof and examined the blood stain on the asphalt the same day. That mate later died of a heart attack whilst still only in his early thirties.

Another effort at Adel Uni, bowed out of Maths and CompSci in third year, but got decent grasp.

Lived in Elizabeth Grove, Craigmore, Vale Park, Collinswood, Kensington, Henley Beach, Salisbury, Evantson Park, Nuriootpa, Woodside, Goolwa and now in Mount Barker.

Brief roles in Records Clerk with Barossa council. Bike courier with Stanford couriers. Postal Delivery Motorcyclist at Woodside Post Office. Leisure Service Officer at Kensington YMCA. Squash SA contract coach. Several years with Craigmore YMCA as a Leisure service officer and squash coach. At Salisbury Squash courts + Mawson Lakes recreation centre+ Gawler South Squash centre I had Coaching duties over seasons mainly with school aged athletes.

2002, was assaulted, interrogated and involuntarily drugged, and worse.

2003 & 2004, living with UncleD in Woodside, good times, lots of Age of Kings gaming on lan. Upgraded my squash coaching education during this period thanks to UncleD’s contributing to paying for the level 2 general principles coursework which Victoria Institute of Sport provided.

2005, Moved to Goolwa, was raped in Norwood by a lackey of a comedian, whilst the celebrity watched and later published the story in its autobiography.

2006, Survived thanks to Clare and family, Pop, UncleD, Mum and Dad, Sarah and Tim.

2008, moved to Mount Barker to Live with my Uber Woman Clare.

2009, third time lucky proposal and Clare finally agreed to marry me. Also started coaching squash in Mount Barker.

2011, got married, volcano delayed our honeymoon in Vanuata.

2011, With Mount Barker District Squash Club we Incorporated and started a Squash SA team and developed the local Mt Barker junior program. I was nominated for the (formal) President role with Mt Barker District Squash Club by a member and worked for over a hundred hours to formally incorporate the MBDSC and spent years developing the junior program and contributing to the home and away pennant programs Squash SA operate.

Several happy years with Indra Reinpuu coordinating my contract coaching with the Active After School Communities in the Adelaide Hills, human movements, sports, exercise.

Tutoring mathematics on contract basis locally. I began tutoring mathematics circa 1992 and have assisted over 12 students achieve their own goals for mathematics education.

2015, was raped again, this time twice in one night. I managed to contribute positively to someone leaving the drug/criminal life and developing a more appropriate lifestyle away from the rapists and criminals the individual was hanging out with. The cost to me and my family was high though.

2016, Dad died on March 27th, Easter Sunday. I never got to say goodbye as he died in his sleep about twelve hours before I had a visit planned.

2019, Graduated with Bachelor of Educational Studies from Charles Darwin University. No ceremony due to covid cancels. Getting this piece of paper was a massive relief and took about 8 years to complete the degree.

2019, Bushfires less than 20 km from home, and many friends and family affected by fire.

2020, Covid and a long break from squash. My weight ballooned up to 146 kg in 2020 and I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 which led to a massive, yet incremental and sustained change in lifestyle for Clare and I – which ultimately saved my life and improved quality of life for us both.

2021, I stood up and said “I stand UP!” August I started publishing on this website. Begun the business Peaceful Purposeful Communications.

2022, Hoping to redress harm done to country, play squash again and help people cycle safely to work, school or locally for fun, and if someone will hire me coach basketball or other sports… > > > watch these spaces \/\/\/

2022, renamed the website to : feels like the right thing to do from now on. My weight optimisation and fitness processes continues and I repeatedly contribute to individuals I care about and businesses that are prospects for contracts. I deliver business cards and advertise my Educational Studies Provider service hoping for new clients to work with, to assist them in attaining their own goals.

July 4th, 2022, my favourite boy dog Vinnie died, I stayed with him right till he gave up the ghost naturally.

I have directly saved 5 human lives, no need to harp on about that, first responders will know what I mean.

… plenty of room for good stuff here …

2092, Expected Earthly Death Date.



Basketball SA Community Coach, 2022.

Badminton Foundation Coach Course. Badminton Australia 2022.

Introduction to Illicit Drugs in Sport. Sport Integrity Australia. 2022.

Anti-Doping Fundamentals. Sport Integrity Australia. 2022.

PBTRs – Complaint Handling 2022. Sport Integrity Australia 2022.

PBTRs – Harassment and Discrimination 2022. Sport Integrity Australia 2022.

Child Safeguarding in Sport Induction. Sport Integrity Australia 2022.

Squash Club Referee. Squash Australia 2022.

Community Coaching General Principles. Squash Australia 2022.

Community Officiating General Principles. Squash Australia 2022.

Bachelor of Educational Studies. Charles Darwin University. Graduate Oct 2019. Specialised in Mathematics, History, Health and Physical Education.

The following qualifications are prior to 2015, which is prior to when I refocused towards completing the Bachelors with CDU.

Certificate IV in Small Business Management, Employment Options.

Certificate III in Fitness. Tafe SA.

Gym Instructor. Tafe SA.

Responding to abuse and neglect, education and care training, Catholic Education South Australia.

Seven hour Child safe environments child abuse and neglect, Edmund Rice Camps South Australia.

Community Coach Training Program. Australian Sports Commission.

Level 0 Coaching Certificate Basketball, South Australian Country Basketball Council Inc.

Coaching Principles Level 2, National Coaching Accreditation Scheme Course. Sport Education Victoria.

Bike Ed Instructor, Vic Roads.

Level One Cricket Coach, Australian Cricket Board.

Level 1 Squash Coach, NCAS.

Hockey Ed Community Coach, Hockey Australia.

Senior First Aid 1 Day Course, St John.


Have private records indicating I have coached in excess of 14,400 participants, mostly primary school aged children, but some high schoolers and some adults too.


My whole life I have disregarded the commonly educated division between nature and man made. Seems like a false division to me, for humans are natural creatures, thus when we make something, it is not artificial it is a natural construction.

The beaver builds damns, that is natural and humans build damns too. The bird builds a nest to shelter itself and its young, so do humans, that is natural, we call them houses. The snake leaves a pathway on the ground, but humans go beyond that and make roads that the wind does not blow away.

Are we the snake expressed? Wise and fork tongued? Ready to slide away, or rise today and fang our poison into those we want to eat, or are threatening our children or invading our homes.

Essentially I am no one. I leave you with that perception, I am content to be no one, I do not write any of this for you, the “audience” of humanity, I write for myself, thus I am alone, isolated, a hermit amongst the bustle of human kind. Caring too much to not care, given too much to be considered a taker, worked too hard for too long to be considered lazy. Life is an optimisation process, give enough to receive enough. Fear not, there is only a few things to be afraid of – Jehovah is the only one we should truly be afraid of, love and fear Him.

With a thousand billion trillion events distracting us all, nothing really matters, and everything makes sense to those who have lost themsleves and found themselves again.

A sense of wonder, an eternally suspended moment of truth that cuts out the lies of opposers.

What is clarity, if not just clarity?


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David Jarvis (@david_a_jarvis) • Instagram photos and videos : thinking about closing this down (july 2022).

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David Jarvis | LinkedIn : (Got some quality connections here).

(4) Peaceful Purposeful Communications | Facebook (a facebook page I operate).

Tumblr (Where I started blogging).

(4) David Jarvis | Facebook (personal facebook page).

David Jarvis – Quora (a question and answer type publishing site).

david_a_jarvis (@david_a_jarvis) TikTok | Watch david_a_jarvis’s Newest TikTok Videos : (over 200,000 views of my videos here).

Spotify – David Jarvis

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Strava Cyclist Profile | David Jarvis : (I really like strava).

CMDR Peacewise [INARA] : (Elite Dangerous gaming website).


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Proverbs of David the Fool.

look forward with your eyes, you’ll hear about what is left behind and smile.

if you don’t plant the seeds yourself, you won’t know what grows until the plant shows its true colours.

under the freedom of information act i request all my patient records please.

First they don’t even notice you.
Then they have a laugh at you, either behind your back or to your face.
Then they attack your character and your welfare.
So you forgive them and move forward.
Eventually you do amazing things, without their contributions.
Then they fall in love with you, at which time you can actually assist them with what THEY want.
Then maybe, just maybe, they might be inclined to contribute upon your matters.

But you don’t have any matters, for you are a servant of others, thus you connect them with other worthwhile people.
We call that building relationships.

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The Dunes will rise, as the winds of change blow my rainbow clouds across my homeland.

I think I’ll have a nap now, got dreams to make up.

Who are you and what do you want?
Where were you born?
Where are you living now?
Where do you want to end this life?
Where do you want to be buried?
What do you give?
What do you receive?

You are imprisoned if you cannot command yourself.
Rest comfortably after your labours and notice how others speak of you.
If you do not till the soil and plant the seed yourself, you will not know what will grow until it has grown.
Trust only those whom are trustworthy.
A rich person is not easily parted from their money, for they covet it muchly.
If you want something done YOUR way, then do it yourself.
The hard asphalts of our roads islandifies the landscape, kills creatures crossing the road, destroys breeding grounds… but lets you travel nicely.
Enjoy your travels and aim to miss the creatures with your petrol powered monsters.
Come, come, come. Go, go, go.

We don’t need to be in each others pockets, but absence may not make the heart grow fonder – it sometimes makes the heart grow colder, more isolated and hardens people to the absence.

Are you giving too much and being walked over?
Does someone you care for openly disrespect you and put you down?
Did you get what you paid for?

What of the word “history” that very english word is easily broken down into the highly sexist phrase “his” “story”.
Why do we consider the study of the past to be the study of him, so strongly that herstory is not even a word taught in school?
What is herstory?
Why do many and numerous “holy” books repeatedly utilise “man” “him” “his” “father” etc for their descriptions of the Almighty God?
Where is the “her”, the “she”, Our “mother”?

Mount Barker, wonderful one day, magnificent the next.

Spin to win, ride your bike. Free the wheel.

Ms Hanson, Please elaborate.

I am the Night.

Pain pain pain, go away, please leave me alone today.