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Without Remorse by Tom Clancy, reading by daj.

Insomnia by Stephen King, reading by daj.

Nature series 6

Quran, random choice daj song 1.

Indirect Aggression probabilities…

Genesis 7 nwtoths, reading by daj.

A History of Warfare John Keegan, reading by daj.

Genesis 3, nwt, a reading by daj.

Not bought pizza, instead home made toasted cheesy.

Watering the Garden

MK Gandhi autobiography, a reading by daj

Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen, a reading by daj.

no reply sent thankyou a cyberstar sent by David Jarvis.

Micah 5 reading by daj.

Banana Juice for gentle Fertilizer.

Relativity and Strawberries.

Minka Bird singing and dancing with Vinnie and Bila

Morning Birdsongs

Micah 4, reading by DAJ

Baking the Beans for our Prez!

Baked Beans and Warnie!

Micah 3, reading by DAJ.

Dedication to Loving Clare

Hellfire upon evil moderators 2nd try, audio file only.

Psalm 56, audio by DAJ.

Nature Series 5

Proverbs 23, reading by DAJ.

Proverbs 1, reading by DAJ.

Hellfire upon Evil Moderators. Emotional Disregulation.

Micah 2, reading by DAJ.

Interesting Youtubes.

PSA Squash TV, high quality stuff

Nature Series 4

Wine Improves as does my Love for Clare.

A legend from the narunga tribe, by Berndt.

Street Art Series 2

Micah reading by DAJ.

Hail our New Independent Speaker of the House!

Beef and Corn Tacos? Just add beef and corn!

Proverbs 1.

Nature Series 3

What is the rationale behind cursing a fig tree?

Power to the People.

Amos 3:4 reading

Ten Commandments.

Music Youtube’s Series 1.

SeanBreed Musician and Publisher?

Free Quality Resources for All

Think Peace, Move Safely.

Bike Kitchen afternoon at Keith Stephenson Park Mt Barker.

Whimsical Photos

Birthday Surprise For My Wife.

Aiming for Success is itself Success

Earthquake @ Mansfield Victoria 21/09/2021

Clare Series 1

Pinarello Pictures Series 1

Street Art Series 1

Weekly Workout Schedule

Heinz Baked Beanz

Yellow Moon Buzzing Beautifully

Clare and Parliament

Clares’ Day in Adelaide

Seven Days to Heaven.

Think Peace Ride Safe.

Fathers’ Day 2021

Helpful parenting.

Time Critical Management

Connection for All.

Owl Perched on a Branch Singing.

Sitting on my Box in the Back Yard

Duck for Cover, the Ducks are Invading!

Highly Valuable Squash Wisdom.

A Beyond Blue “helpline” chat example…



Birds of Mount Barker S.A.

Physical Punishment of Children vs Self Efficacy Development.

Sistergirls and Brotherboys

Contacts for Feedback or Complaints in Australia about services.

2 Juno Images of Jupiter by Nasa

Ten By Ten Rules or Contacts Again. Spend Time Wisely, Be Heard Directly.

CraigMore High School

Prepare to Rise by Rising Incrementally.

Untwisting Tongues 2 Truth.

Writing in Tongues.

Education and Bayesian Inference.

Photography of Art

Juno Images of Jupiter by Nasa.

Buffy snout dirty.

South Aussie Schnitzel Appreciation Group on Facebook and the Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton.

Responding to children and young people’s disclosure of abuse : Listen, reassure and respect

House of Loki’s Flat Mates.

Please Donate to Wikipedia, or me too or the people We advocate for, perhaps just for your younguns two!?*

1 Corinthians 13 in various languages. Love is…

Who am I?

Approaching Earth, Please Reply.

Across from Yarrow Place, Pennington tce North Adelaide.

A Lady at a Cafe with her dog.

Hinton Jewellers = good shop.

Bicycles Mt. Barker = good shop.

Buffy side up

Photography by Clare Jarvis.

Sniff sniff snuffle snuffle sniff

Promise of restoration Ezekiel

Vision Aims : PPC

Dissonant Movements Trilogy of Transport.

All Roads Lead to the BSA.

Keep Creeks Clean Australia Please.

Training Superseded Before it Began. Another Dead Courier for $5 an hour. Bingo, will that one do?

No Mention of Increased Courier Rates At All. The very one thing that would slow bike couriers down is not even mentioned.

Fembot Lisa Hard @ Work.


People Dying in the Streets for $8 an Hour – Raise the Rate for Good!

Physical Truth : Enlightenment.

Weeping. Wept. Weep.

Walter Arthur Pretty : SUMMARY RECORD [PRG 390/1/2BEAUFORT]

Walter Arthur Pretty and Pure.

Jung : or Adams : or ?

Psalm 139 laid your hand upon me

Paul’s Dream – Dune

Incremental Improvement

Peace Out, Peace In, Peace Begins.

Anki & Definition Learning

Year 8 CHS.

In Highest Honour of a Wounded Citizen PrometheusPan.

Aikido is Funny Fun

Training Practice Muscle Memory

Reflections on Aikido Spirit

Aikido Spirit Expressions

Aikido Expressed : 2 vs 30.

Morihei Ueshiba Lifespan Duration

The Holy Children’s Rod.

Optimal Spirit.

Aikido and The Ways of Peace

Protecting Children’s Welfare!

Emotional Series : Motivation

First WordPress blog by David Jarvis


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