Proverbs of Squash 24 ghosting routines, by david jarvis 2022

Proverbs of Squash 24 Ghosting Routines, by David Jarvis 2022.

Do not envy the cheating athlete,

and do not hang around with them,

for their morals are like a virus,

and they will attempt to persuade you.

By education an athlete is built up,

and by training they are made


By consistency their systems are refined

with all sorts of specific and

generalised methodologies.

A wise athlete is powerful,

and with education an athlete

increases their power.

By skillful training they will wage

their campaigns,

and through quality advisors

there is victory.

Consistent quality is unattainable for a

casual player;

They cannot sustain the neccessary focus.

Anyone who risks harm

Will be called a dangerous player.

Dangerous play is unacceptable,

and team mates detest a hazer.

If you become discouraged on the

day of distress,

Your psychology needs improvement.

Contact athletes who are taken

away to hospital,

and hold back angry team mates

from their violence.

If you say, “You’re a cheating so and so,”

Does not the public examine them and yourself?

Yes, the spectators watching

will have much to say

and will gossip and comment

repaying each athlete

according to their own perceptions and bias.

My athlete, eat nutritiously, because that is


Nutrition from whole foods is beneficial to

your performance.

Likewise, know that quality training is

good for you.

If you train with consistent quality you will

and your hopes and smarter goals will be attained.

Do not tear down your opponent

in their own centre;

Do not defile their place of training.

For the elite athlete may fall

seven times, and they will get up


But the defiler will remain

lowly by calamity.

When your opponent falls, do not


And when they are injured, do not

let your heart be joyful;

Otherwise, Community will see and be


And they will turn away from yourself.

Do not be upset because of inaccurate


Do not envy cheating athletes,

For there is no future for anyone


Their gains will vanish when breaches are revealed.

My athlete, fear Community and the Coach.

And do not associate with dissenters,

For their disaster will arise suddenly.

Who knows what ruin both

will bring?

These sayings belong to the wise:

Dissmissing breaches of the rules is not good.

Whoever says to the cheater,

“Let us conceal your cheating.”

Will be cursed by community

and denounced by the


But it will go well for those

reproving the cheater;

Blessings of good things will

come upon righteous athletes.

People will embrace the shoulders of the one

replying graciously.

Prepare your off court training, and get

your equipment ready prior to the session;

Then commit to training with purposeful quality.

Do not testify against your

team mates without grounds.

Do not use your speech to deceive others.

Do not think : “I will do to them just what they

have done to me;

I will repay them for what they did.”

I attended the recreation centre of the lazy ones,

Visiting the squash courts of the player

lacking optimal motivation.

I saw the courts were empty and dusty;

the viewing area was covered with


and the walls were in a state of disrepair.

I observed this and took it to heart;

I saw it and learned the lesson:

Too much sleep, too much partying,

Not enough focus upon consistent quality training,

and their poor performance will come like the


and their early death like a road accident.


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Incremental Improvement


I incrementally improved today by practicing regulation.

I incrementally improved today by facing a fear for a comfortable time.

I incrementally improved today by aiming my irritation about another’s abusive power over me, into being as humble as the dirt between their toes.

I incrementally improved today by being especially gentle and loving to Vinnie when I said good morning to him.

I incrementally improved today by responding to another’s crisis with my ideal self.

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I incrementally improved today by reaching out to Karen.

I incrementally improved today by continuing my Emotional Series of tumblr blogs.

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