Proverbs of Squash : 16 court sprints, by david jarvis 2022.

An athlete prepares their psychology,

but the outcome of competition is beyond their control.

All of an athletes ways seem right to them,

But coaches examine more thoroughly.

Commit to conscious training,

and your plans will succeed.

An athlete makes everything work for their purpose,

even negativity is overcome with diligent optimism.

Everyone proud and boastful is detestable to Sport.

Be assured they will have a fall.

By lifting higher and balancing, ones errors are minimised,

and by fearing pain one avoids injury.

When associates are pleased with an athletes ways,

they cause even the athletes’ opponents to be peaceful.

Better is a little quality training,

than a lot of work without purpose.

An athlete may plot out their annual schedule,

but it should be adaptable to the unforeseen.

Inspired decisions should be on the lips of the officials;

they must always judge by the rules.

Honestly, power to weight ratio has vital importance,

Obesity is not conducive to high performance.

Missing training is detestable to coaches,

For the high performer is established with consistency.

Righteous conversation is a pleasure amongst teams,

Bonding grows between those who are honest and true.

A sportspersons rage is like a messenger of death,

But the wise coach appeases it.

In the light of a veterans face there is life;

Their favour is like cool water on a hot day.

How much better to acquire education than money!

To develop intelligent clarity is a precious outcome.

The pathway of the upright avoids what is banned.

Whoever risk assesses mitigates harmful outcomes.

Pride is before poor performance,

and overconfidence leads to stumbling.

Better to be a reserve

than to never compete at all.

An athlete who is insightful will discover success,

and happy is the one trusting quality coaching.

The healthy heart beats rythmatically,

and the calm one thinks and speaks rationally.

Recognising the shot is anticipation,

but being deceived leads us the wrong way.

A wise performer speaks with insight

and is persuasive in discussion.

Sayings of squash taste like honey,

Sweet and restorative to ones motivation.

There are ways that seem right to athletes,

but in the end lead to poor performance.

An athletes’ appetite makes them work effectively

as hunger for high performance urges us onwards.

A worthless athlete fixates on failure obsessively;

They obsess over error and demotivate the team.

A troublemaker breaks up the teams spirit,

and a slanderer destroys relationships.

A violent athlete incites their opponent

and acts outside the spirit of squash.

They scheme to harm or belittle others,

They keep secret their shame and it magnifies within.

Gray hair is a sign of wisdom

when it is found on the head of a high performer.

The athlete slow to anger is better than a muscle bound fool,

and the one controlling their temper superior to hateful opposition.

The racket is spun to select the server,

but every decision thereafter is the referee’s domain.

Proverbs of Squash : 16 Court Sprints, by david jarvis 2022.

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Climate Change as a metaphor.

Featuredphoto of man holding a book

I present for your amusement how some entities handle the emergency of climate change… as a metaphor.
We deeply believe that standing up is healthy for everyone and note that sitting down is widely considered unhealthy by many experts. I personally want to stand up more often and for longer periods. Thus I will undertake to stand up more often into the future especially over this next 8 week period.
But first, for the next 10 weeks I will conduct extensive research into the proposed new chairs, couches and beds that have come onto the market. My hope in doing this research is to mitigate the harm done from the sitting down that I unfortunately have to do. I expect that this research will be undertaken whilst sitting at my desk, in this horrible old chair that I don’t want to sit in because it has been used so much it’s broken and uncomfortable, so please make sure you fund me heaps for this research into new chairs.
12 weeks go by. I have undertaken the extensive research into new chairs and discovered that they all contribute zero effect upon me standing up, thus I propose that the new chairs are ignored and that we all continue to utilise our existing old chairs when not standing up.
16 weeks go by. What was I doing 16 weeks ago, oh yeh, I was supposed to be standing up more often. No that doesn’t align with these existing resources I have, as I’ve got a room full of old chairs, and now these new chairs I’ve collected from previous research into sitting down more effectively, think I better have a sit down and think about this.

How does one stand up?
Have a sit in a new chair and think about that. cough.

20 weeks go by. My records indicate that my standing up time has decreased whilst I have been examining the new chair situation. I now have more chairs to sit upon and much less room to stand up in, in fact the last time I got out of this brilliant new chair I hurt myself by stubbing my toe on the old chair, thus the doctor has advised I should stay off my feet until my broken toe heals.

person putting ankle foot orthosis to the patient
Standing up is risky business! Photo by ThisIsEngineering on

26 weeks go by. Yippy, my toe has healed, I’m going to stand up more often!
Oooo, that’s a nice chair being advertised to me!

Right lets do the analysis, I live in a five room house and I have ten chairs, thus I have plenty of opportunity about choices for sitting down. I have previously stated my position about wanting to stand up more often, but the abundance of chairs to sit down upon convinces me that standing up is very hard, and indeed I actually got an injury whilst standing up. Thus I should be very careful about my choices for standing up, the places I stand up and what i do when I stand up, as clearly standing up is risky business, even the doctor told me to stay off my feet.

But all the choices for sitting down are clearly known and well described, each of these ten chairs are thoroughly safe to sit down upon, I’ve managed to sit down upon them all for years and years without suffering any clear issues. It is not relevant that I am obese and cannot stand up for lengthy durations. Thus I should continue to take the path of least resistance because I am obese and don’t want to suffer the pain from standing up whilst I am obese. Thus I should in fact aim to sit down more often.

Great, I’ll buy another chair and give up this fantasy about standing up more often. I feel so satisfied I think I’ll have a sit down on the lounge, a chocolate donut and look into purchasing another more comfortable lounge.

I have discovered that movement is the main issue with obesity, so I think I’ll look into purchasing a chair with wheels upon it.

grayscale photo of wheelchair
Wheelchair, the best standing up some can do. Photo by Patrick De Boeck on

I have discovered that if I purchase shares in an existing chair manufacturing company they will send me many and varied options about chairs! This is brilliant, pretty much every one uses chairs all the time, so I can make hoards of money from the sitting down market, and don’t actually need to stand up at all!

After spending the last year of their life in a hospital bed, the person dies of obesity related diseases at age 55 years and leaves a heap of broken chairs to their family and friends, whilst their chair manufacturing shares are placed into a sludge fund that no one knows about because the filing systems’ top drawer can only be reached by standing upon a chair, and it is well documented that standing up on a chair is even more deadly than standing up on the floor!

love david.

Psychology of Motivating Communications, by david jarvis 2022.

sad young indian woman avoiding talking to husband while sitting on sofa
Conflict > She’s looking away, He’s closed down his body language : Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

ostracise : 1. to banish (someone) from their native country; expatriate.
2. to exclude by general consent from society, privileges, etc.

exclude : 1. to shut or keep out; prevent the entrance of.
2. to shut out from consideration, privilege, etc.
3. to expel and keep out; thrust out, eject.

Macquarie Dictionary ios.
Trade embargoes are ostracisation, which often expand into open warfare, go read some history please.

I’m not listening to you, I refuse to discuss this matter. The matter is closed. No. I’m not coming.

You’re not listening to me. You’re not hearing what I’m saying. You did this to yourself. No. Leave.

negative ; 1. expressing or containing negation or denial.
2. expressing refusal to do something.
3. refusing consent, as to a proposal.
4. prohibitory, as an order or command.
5. characterised by the absence of distinguising or marked qualities or features; lacking positive attributes: a negative character.
6. unnecessarily sceptical and discouraging.

woman with face mask holding a sign
Speak up : Photo by RODNAE Productions on

If an entity, individual or otherwise is frequently sceptical and discouraging, shuts you out, or thrusts you out of the group, and excludes some or just one… Are they acting in accord with inclusive principles?

When you make a complaint – are your issues considered sceptically? Are you ostracized? Are you denied access?
After you’ve made multiple complaints do you discover that all your further feedback is ignored?
A complaint is feedback about a way forward, do you feel that all criticism is bad?
Are you yourself being negative about criticism?

If a coach says “you’re backhand drop shot is poor.” do you feel bad, do you feel motivated to improve?
Must people walk on egg shells around you?

What does resilient mean?
Perhaps the coach needs to say, “I reckon that drop shot would improve if you trained for this…”
Language – but why does language need to be utterly perfect?

Negativity bias, conflation and exaggeration.

brown letter tiles on white surface
Identifying the problem is part of the solution! : Photo by Brett Jordan on

This person hurt me twice, thus I feel like all they ever do is hurt me, thus I hate them forever, and will ignore all the good they ever do, holding cynicism about anything they do into the future ever more.

Does familiarity breed contempt?

This entity does 999 things for 999 other individuals, why don’t they do something for me?
We didn’t even know you wanted us to, but now that you’ve put the question forth in that angry resentful way – well we don’t like you at all, so no, we aint gonna do business with you now anyways.

Shame causes resentment, and people who resent do not cooperate.
If you live in fear or anxiety, then any questioning or criticism may initially cause shame and resentment. Will you overcome that initial feeling and aim to improve?

Do not appear too good, nor appear too wise. Some people resent others looking good. Who are you going to hang out with? A bunch of whinging no hopers lamenting about how everyone else has more money, more opportunity, or???

Are you just going to give up and get drunk or intoxicated after working or studying all week in a low paying job or at school, because you’ve not got the courage to face your own incompetence about so many things? Are you actually a fool, that is so foolish you want to stay a fool!

Mummy, it’s too hard, i give up. Daddy, can you do it for me please?

children playing basketball
Shortest kid on the block : Photo by RODNAE Productions on

What motivates yourself?

Shame? Maybe. Encouragement? Maybe. Neutrality? Maybe. What is your personality?

How can you become self motivating?

My opening position is that I know very little about Asian History, thus I am incompetent about asian history, thus when inclined to improve myself, I have the opportunity to study asian history.

After I’ve spent time studying MY WEAKNESSES, I am stronger.

My weaknesses are where my greatest opportunities for growth and development exist.

There are no “natural” great people – they all put in time and effort, it’s just that you think they’re a natural because you haven’t seen them doing all that work. They are quiet achievers.

Shane Warne said “there are no naturals”. He was totally correct, he was brilliant because he trained consistently competently for decades!

Ask yourself…

What do I want to be competent at?

What do I want to be brilliant at?

Where are my priorities?

Who am I, and what do I want?


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