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This blog post does not constitute as medical advise, instead is an opinion of an intelligent individual.

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Is your light switched on?

Let us talk about intuition.

Your gut instinct, or belly brain.

How does it guide one through every day life?

Have I felt, sometimes directly preceding a transformational experience, a feeling inside my body, seemingly trying to get my attention?

It could be labeled, to try and better understand it as fear, apprehension, thrill.

Or it could be felt as; queasiness, butterflies, pulling, tugging or tightening,

Or heard as rumbling, grumbling, moaning and gurgling.

This is your body, your animal, or corporeal self, trying to send your rational self a message that something is not right, that you need to pay heed, now.

The old maxim ‘the body never lies may hold a grain of truth.’

Sometimes as academically ‘unqualified’ individuals or lay people (as termed by the scientific community) we look outwards, giving our power away to ‘experts’.

Of course, there is a need to listen to emerging and current science to become more informed and change or eliminate certain time-honoured traditions and beliefs, practices and habits. Behind current and emerging science are researchers who have spent a lot of time studying various phenomena, testing and retesting hypotheses and drawing conclusions. This painstaking and lengthy process has contributed to the western medical practice that we know today.

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Anatomy and Physiology, and the gut instinct!

Yet, the body is immensely and mind-bogglingly complex, and it mirrors the universe in this respect. To begin to understand or predict the myriad possible effects from any given medical intervention (cause) and its repercussions (effects) on the functioning of the body is very difficult indeed. That is why medical treatments are trialed over long periods of time and a wide epidemiological spectrum to fully understand their mechanism of action, short and long-term effects. Even so, some variables are missed and the effects can be far-reaching and sometimes disastrous for the individual.

Medical science has helped a great many and has saved countless lives, yet it has also hindered a great many and killed or caused long-term harm. It is not a perfect and benevolent God, without fault, but rather a constantly changing, evolving, well… science.

Science and medicine is constantly marching on, in its tireless battle against the minuscule, the agents that are deemed to cause our body disease; bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Yet there are other ways than waging war against the enemy. We have to learn to live and coexist with these things as there are many, many, viruses and bacteria living within us, on us and around us.

Without reflecting inwards, facing towards the feelings, thoughts, and knowing, which comprise our experience in this world and therefore our inner truth, we cannot know the best course of action, or inaction. We cannot being to know the root cause and the manifesting effect.

woman lying in brown grass mirror edited photo
Reflecting mirror of your own humanity

And therefore calamity, ill health or suffering which may have been averted, is amplified in our experience sometimes as warning signs we are not on the right bus.

Without trusting ourselves, we are very easily led, in a blind and hopeful daze, to conclusions and statements that are not our own, but someone else’s, those with possible obscured agendas that are not in our best interests at all. This can often be the mainstream narrative. And as it is a narrative, it can be rewritten and rewoven by hands that have touched the soil in caring toil, hearts that have lived and loved through experience and grown wiser and stronger, minds that have been sharpened with the flint of suffering, and observable experience, and lastly a soul that is untempered and tranquil by the fires of modern trends and fear.

Like the external science, the internal science, of our intuition and beliefs are constantly being updated and change moment to moment.

By paying heed to these feelings and voices within we begin to collect the clues as part of an ongoing detective hunt. The only requirements and qualifications for this detective hunt, Is being a thinking, feeling human being, living on this big boulder, hurtling through the vacuum of space we call Earth.

This uncovering of the dross and noise to reach the best truth, likely a more realistic term than the absolute truth, which I am sure no one can agree upon.

As we look around society and observe what is happening, in society, the outer and inner science we start to piece these clues together, building a more complete picture, which begins to resemble the best truth.

We CAN re-assess our beliefs, our thoughts, as our brains are malleable and constantly changing.

This requires a delicate touch of humility, wisdom, a ‘beginner’s mind’ as termed in the eastern science.

african american girl sitting on pavement
child thinking

We may now pay heed to our intuition, and when something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. Our belly has a queer feeling, it starts to gurgle and growl ‘Listen there young jedi’ (or, whatever term you would like to be addressed by your second brain)

‘You have to pay attention to what’s around you, because you are in danger, your partner, your family is in danger, your brothers and sisters and sons and daughters. Your kith and kin is at great risk!’

Your inner world as well needs to be assessed and held in balance against your observation of the external or outer world.

Are we being hunted by lions or tigers or bears? For the majority, not usually.
Should we label these tiny disease-causing agents enemies? Should we be waging war with them? Trying to kill them by rubbing lotions on our hands at every minute? Or blasting antibiotics into our systems at the merest sniffle? Muzzling ourselves with masks so that we can not breathe or speak freely? Trying to run and hide from them, in darkness and confusion and isolation? Injecting experimental gene therapy technology into our blood streams?

pink sphere splashed by green liquid
harmonise with microorganisms

Or are our enemies those that wear suit and tie, In plain view, putting profit before the safety of the people? We hear their empty words, and we watch to see if they hold their words and promises in honour, often times they do not.

This is direct observational experience and we understand that we are deceived, yet do nothing.

All of the things that help us to become stronger so that these microorganisms won’t plague us with such ferocity have been slowly ridiculed as pseudoscience and been cast aside.

The ‘experts’, ‘professionals’, those who have the ‘knowing’, that ‘know best’, ‘know’ what is in our best interest. Are laughing behind closed doors at us all.

We are not children.

unrecognizable black man relaxing in sea water at sundown
exercising in the sun and water

Access to sunlight, community, even exercise, our right to work and earn wage and find purpose in this world. Our right to move freely and connect with the land and by extension mother nature around us have been taken away or threatened to unless we succumb to the authorities.

The above medicines have been proven without a doubt by science to help us, to strengthen us, so that these micro armies will not cause as much harm to us.

We cannot run from these tiny creatures, we cannot hide from them, they are everywhere, living in the air, on our skin, in our hair, and in our bellies. They are a part of us. They are our micro biome and they equal and may even outnumber our own human cells.

We can also overcome them not by war, but by making ourselves stronger, feeding our mind good thoughts, our bellies good food and drink, our beliefs, an equal measure of curiosity and trust. And soon we will be living in symbiosis with them.

We need to trust ourselves.

We cannot trust the suit and tie, whom have repeatedly lied to us. We need to trust ourselves, our own breath and pumping heart. The radio says ‘we cannot trust ourselves; we need to trust the experts, We need to do what the experts say, or else.’

Well that be damned!

Of course there is a place for Western medicine, it is an invaluable aid to infections, injuries, and life threatening conditions, but we need to proceed with caution, there is more medicine than just antibiotics, and they all have their place here on earth, and the choice should always remain with us, with you. We are the experts of our reality, we stand in our truth and we have a body to care for. If we care for this body, strengthen our minds, trust our intuition and are informed by the external science and evidence we are helping to the most vulnerable amongst us, and that is the mark of a rapidly evolving civilisation.

body of water between green leaf trees
Peace and wellbeing through natural living.

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